Monday, February 20, 2012

The Yuletide Quilt - Part Two

Bane saw the panel and boo hooed disagreed with Dulie’s idea of just using the one block, she said that “all the blocks” should be used in this quilt… “it will look great”…. Legina agreed….knowing she had been out voted…Dulie also agreed.

Left alone, while Legina & Bane were at work, Dulie gathered all the Christmas fabrics from Legina’s stash and hap-hazidly methodically started to make the quilt in a row by row fashion.  She had no idea how the quilt was going to turn out, or how huge big the quilt was going to be… she just sewed away.  Dulie smiled to herself as she came across her own block she had made in the swap a few years ago.
  Dulie's Block in Legina's Quilt

While Dulie was sewing her love into this quilt, she had time to think of her friend she was making this for…. Legina had very recently been widowed before Dulie’s visit. “Ron” was a real family man, EVERYTHING evolved around family, and his passing brought great sorrow not only to Legina, but also his family and many, many friends.  Dulie had read the Eulogy that was read at his funeral and the word “family” was mentioned many times… “how apt”, Dulie thought as she realized that in the “I Believe” panel, there was a block that said “I Believe in Family”.

Dulie didn’t realize how “apt” that block would be as she continued making the quilt.

Stay tuned for Part Three of THE YULETIDE QUILT… same time, same station.

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  1. Am enjoying the story, Jewells..will wait for the next exciting instalment...