Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm Back!

Well Qantas was up and flying by the time I was due to fly out and this was some of the view from my seat out of the window... 16.5 hours to fly from Sydney to Dallas, then a 7 hour wait to catch the next plane to Madison WIS

The next day I was taken shopping and this is what I saw on the way...

After Wisconsin, I flew to Indiana and was taken to Holmes County and saw lots of this:

and these:

and in Amish Villages there were lots of corn stacks like this... all done by hand:

The day after Thanksgiving was called "Black Friday" and that day is "THE" day to go shopping... the same as Australia's Boxing Day Sales.. so I shopped till I dropped at a Factory Outlet Block:

I also went to see many Christmas Light displays...this house had the lights pulsed to music on a FM radio station:

I went to real live American Football game... AWESOME!

Sat on Santa's knee!

Did some sewing for my host... I made this quilt for her while I was there... it was in Texas Cowboys Fabric.

and here is "some" of the fabric I bought while I was there...way over 400 yards!!!

Now I must find somewhere to store it, along with my already over crowded stash...

A bit sad that my 8 weeks off work is nearly over... have to go back on Tuesday 3rd January and to say that I am NOT looking forward to that is an understatement.

So until next post...