Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Yuletide Quilt - Part Three

One day while working on the quilt, Dulie found that one of the panel blocks was missing.

She had been working on the second set of 3 blocks from the panel at the breakfast bar, measuring and cutting borders to add to the blocks, then went back to the sewing machine to sew on the borders, but realized that she only had 2 of the 3 blocks with her. Dulie retraced her steps to the breakfast bar, - no block- she then went back to the sewing machine, - no block – she went to the ironing board, - no block – back to the breakfast bar, then the machine, then the ironing board – still no block.
 One of the 3 Blocks

Dulie was now questioning herself, then started getting quite frustrated, upset and bordering on thinking she was going mad – she would have spent a good 20 minutes retracing and retracing her steps, even looking in places that was impossible to find a missing block.

She sat at the machine, in total defeat, when for no reason at all, she happened to look down into her scrap bin and there it was – the missing block.  There was no rhyme nor reason on how it got there, but it was there.  She picked it up and a cold shiver went down her spine, because the missing block was “I Believe in Family”….. Do ghosts exist?.. Is Ron here?
Dulie had a strong cup of coffee to calm her nerves, told herself to stop being silly and get back to the quilt.

  She added the borders to the 3 blocks, ironed them and went back to the breakfast bar to cut the fabric to join the 3 blocks together to make a row.  She went back to the machine with all the pieces, sat down and realized she was missing one of the pieces…. Yes, the same block had gone missing again….

Stay tuned for Part Four of THE YULETIDE QUILT… same time, same station.

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