Thursday, August 29, 2013

One of Mum's Knee Rugs

I had some fleecy fabric that has been in my cupboard for ages, so I thought I would cut squares of flannel fabric (from my stash) to make a quilt top the same size.
  Mum sewed the quilt top and then I quilted it.
 The blue sheep fabric is the fleecy backing (shown in photo).  I didn't use a wadding as the fleecy and the flannel fabrics are thick and warm enough.
The quilt will be great for a knee rug or a throw quilt on the floor for a toddler.

I have 3 other fleecy backings to be made up into knee rugs.  I have cut the squares of flannel for 2 of them and now I must cut the third lot.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stacked Coins Finished

Phew! this one was a big one. I hand sew the binding on at night time during the adds on TV.
As mentioned in the last post, this quilt is called "Stacked Coins" and it is large enough to go on a king size double bed, with extra hanging over the sides.
I used a blue backing (my favourite colour), and the binding was left over strips of binding from previous quilts.
I used an apple quilting all over pattern... I haven't learnt how to do custom quilting yet.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Another 2 quilts being quilted

Mum and I are on a roll... I cut and Mum sews.
This quilt is called  "Stacked Coins".  It is a free pattern from Crazy Mom Quilts.
 This one is made up of 2.5" x 4.5" scraps with white in between.  I have made 2 of these quilts before, and Mum thought she would make one from our scraps.
This quilt is HUGE... it would be large enough for a king sized double bed, AND have quilt hanging over the sides... if it was much bigger, I would not have been able to fit it on my machine to quilt it!

 The second quilt is a tad smaller (not much) and it was also made from my scraps... this time I cut and sewed this quilt myself.  It is on point and I was happy with how it turned out.
Again, I got this free pattern from the blog Crazy Mom Quilts.

Another 2 quilted, more to go.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Woodlands quilt finished

I bought this quilt kit "Woodlands" last time I was in the States.  I remember being in the store "The Stitchery Nook" with my friends, when I saw this kit on the half price stand   I snavelled it up and when I was paying for it, the shop owner said that I should buy the last one, same as this one, as well.  I shook my head and with great restraint to myself, I said that I didn't need two the same.
I am now kicking myself that I didn't buy the other one, as I could have kept this one and gave the other one away. It was a pleasure to make.
The quilt is about double bed size, and at first glance it looks like woodland animals in the wild, but at a closer look, you realise that the animals have taken on a quilting theme. 
The above picture shows a bear in a raft , towing another raft behind with a few bolts of fabric on it.
 This one is a raccoon going through a barrel of "Free Scraps"
and this one has one of the cubs looking up to Mum with a cotton reel in it's mouth.

One down, more to go.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Quilts ready to quilt

Well here are 4 quilts all ready to quilt.

 It took most of yesterday ironing the quilt tops & backs, making up the backings and also making the wadding for 2 of the quilts (from left over pieces from previous quilts) and then just cutting off the roll of wadding for the others.

There are 3 king size quilts and one double quilt, plus Mum is making up a knee rug out of flannel squares and I will back it with a piece of fleecy fabric.....

So I had better get myself into gear and get quilting!

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Another quilt completed

 Last night I finished sewing the binding on this "Paddington Bear" quilt.
This was made from my stash, using up the last of the Paddington Bear fabric that I bought for a quilt for my grand son a few years ago.
It is about single bed size.
For the backing, I sewed strips of blue & white.

For the quilting, I chose the pattern of stars & circles.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Scarves galore!

A few entries ago, I mentioned I had crocheted a scarf from yarn sent to me from a friend in the States...well she sent 6 balls, so I have now finished making them up into scarves.

As the first and second scarves were so long, I added a couple more loops to the hook before pulling through, and it made the world of difference.

I don't wear scarves as a rule, as my short neck & double chin don't suit the wearing of one, so I now place the scarf under the collar of my jacket and let the scarf drape either side of my front, without looping it around my neck.  I have had a couple of nice comments when wearing them, so I must be doing something right!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

2 Quilts finished today!

I have been practicing and practicing on Mary (my Gammill machine) and decided to try an all over pattern on white fabric.
This is a close up of the stitching.  Again the binding slows me down, but I was quite chuffed with how it has turned out.
Then I  made up this kit I bought from the Sydney craft show in June.  
As I wanted it bigger than the kit, I added the yellow border (from my stash) and then used the backing fabric from the kit as an extra border.
This is what it was meant to look like.  I am happy with my additions.

Newcastle is hosting a Stitches & Craft show from tomorrow until Sunday............of course I am going.
I am taking Mum and picking up my sister (who lives half an hour in the opposite direction to where we have to go).

I don't "need" anything, but knowing me, I will come home with a full car and an empty wallet!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Kit making

I have so much I have been busy making kits and selling them on eBay.

To make them look more "professional" I have presented them in "recycled" video cases.
A picture of the block is on the front and on the back are the instructions for making the quilt top.
I have even made some for Christmas!
At $9.95 they are a bargain!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Last month's quilts!

You may wonder where I have been (that is if anyone follows my blog!
Maybe I am talking to myself! (First sign of madness eh?)

Well I have been busy "learning" my new Gammill quilting machine.  I have named her "Mary" old fashion name, but the reason she is called Mary, is because I use to live in Mary Street, and part of the proceeds from selling that place went into buying my Gammill machine...hence "MARY"!
 I have been quilting panels, then I find I have hours and hours of hand sewing the binding on, after I have attached it to the front of the quilt.  I did try to sell the panels WITHOUT binding sewn on (I was supplying the binding with the quilted panel) on eBay, but had no takers, so now I have attached the bindings and will probably hold onto them until my next sale in December.

I think I will put $25 on them, so they (hopefully) will fly out the door!
However, I have been sewing as well and using up some of my scraps, and have made one of these quilts, which was a tutorial many years ago on Crazy Mom Quilts. 

My scraps have made 3 scrap quilts in the last month, and the drawer the scraps were in was hard to close, but now it closes easily, but is still full... says something doesn't it?

I have 3 quilts sitting there waiting for me to find backing & wadding for them so I can quilt them.
Until next post...