Sunday, April 28, 2013

Practice Quilt No 1

One down others to follow..
This quilt is 60" x 72"   The centre blue coloured squares are tumbling Paddington Bears, which is a left over piece from a quilt I made my Grand Son a couple of years ago.

As the time is drawing close for the delivery of my Gammill Quilting Machine, I thought I would make some quilts to practice on.

I am not a personal who practices on scrap material, as I feel it is a waste of time & fabric.  So I have decided to make some quilts from my stash and be all ready to practice, practice, practice.

Being on actual quilts, it will make me be more careful ALL the time.

Until next post..

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Mum now moved in with us

Well the HUGE move has taken place.  I have been at my old "home" for the past 2 weeks packing up all my Mum's things and moved her safely into my partner's & my home, 5 hours away.
We will NEVER have to buy another cake of soap, or look for a plastic bag for as long as we live.  Mum had soap in every nook & cranny (sure smells nicer than moth balls!) and she hoarded plastic bags because it was mentioned a few years ago that they were no longer going to be produced. (I wonder if that was a scare campaign as they are still mass produced!).
My Mum and Dad built the home when they got married in 1950.  They lived in what is now the garage while they built the house.  Dad was a builder, so that saved them lots of money.  The foundations where hand made mud bricks.
I never thought Mum would sell up and leave her home, let alone her home town, but since Dad passed away 3 years ago and my sister & I no longer living near her, she made the decision late last year after she became ill and I took time off work to be with her.
However, it was me who was crying when I locked the house up for the last time, as Mum said she no longer saw it as home after she made the decision, and especially when all the rooms were empty, she said it didn't feel like home anymore.
The above photo is of Mum and I when friends took her out for lunch to say good bye.
Now we are slowly finding room for all her things in our home.  Everything is going into place so far... can't say the same when we try to add her craft items into my already crammed full sewing room.
Now to get some meat onto Mum's bones, as she is so thin and fragile.  She use to be bigger than me!

Until next post..