Monday, June 5, 2017

Today's Finishes

Today was spent finishing off some of my items.
that I had to source patterns from the internet & books to design it myself.
 This is how "I" interpret this quilt:
January (Ship) First Fleet Discovered Australia- Australia Day
February (Heart) -Valentines Day
March (Leaf) - Beginning of Autumn
April (Bunny & Eggs) - Easter
May (Basket of Flowers) - Mothers Day
June (House) - Start of Winter (Stay indoors!)
July (Snowman) - Winter really here
August (Cockatoo) - They eat all the left over fruit on trees
September (Flower) - Start of Spring
October (Pumpkin) - Halloween
November (Horse) - Melbourne Cup
December (Santa) - Christmas

Next is one lot of table runners: 
(I still have 2 more lots to finish in different fabrics)
 and lastly is this lined zippered bag I made for a friend's grand daughter.
No, I didn't do the cross stitch...
I bought the cross stitch at a flea market for $5 and made it into this bag.  
It measures 13" x 20.5".
Time to leave the sewing room & hit the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Until next post...