Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Yuletide Quilt - Part Four

Dulie sat there stunned – how could the SAME block go missing AGAIN?  Straight away, she looked in the scrap bin, but it wasn't there.  So again she retraced her steps…. around the sewing machine, the ironing board, and the breakfast bar, nothing.  
 Dulie spoke out loud "ah come on Ron, don't do this to me, where is it?"… again retracing her steps.  Then there, on one of the breakfast bar stools, tucked right up under the bar was the missing block.
Dulie finished off the row without any more incidents, and managed to add another row before Legina came home from work.

Legina was not in the door more than a minute, when Dulie asked her if she felt the presence of Ron in the house…and without hesitation she replied "oh YES! many times, why?"  Dulie explained the missing block and spread the unfinished quilt out and asked Legina if she could pick which block she was talking about.  Straight away, Legina pointed to "I Believe in Family" and burst into tears.

This called for a strong drink lots of hugging.  Bane came over that evening and she was told about the strange happenings of the day… more drinking hugging.

Stay tuned for Part Five of THE YULETIDE QUILT… same time, same station.

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