Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Birthday Gifts

I am in Cheryll's Fat Quarter Birthday Club, and as it is my special day real soon, these are what has come in the post...
First one is from Dzintra
 then this from Chooky
 this from Michelle
 and from Asta
 and this from  Cheryll who is my "Special Birthday Partner".
She must know me pretty well, as she mentioned in her card "I know you like knitting & your favourite colour is Blue" hence the blue knitting bag!...I LUV it !!!
I certainly havve been spolit...THANK YOU!

Until next post...

Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Quilt from Peg

I received another Peg Coen quilt in the mail yesterday (when does that lady sleep?).

I had to finish a quilt on the machine before I could get onto Peg's, but today it was all clear sailing with her lovely quilt:

Here it is on the machine:
 The following shows the pattern I am stitching.
The red shows what has already been sewn.
The black shows what has to be sewn before I have to wind on the quilt.
The teal shows how many more rows has to be sewn before the quilt is finished.
 A close up of the backing after it has been quilted.
 All folded and ready to go back to Peg to bind.
Just LOVE working on Peg's quilts!

Until next post...