Sunday, February 23, 2014

A light bulb moment & UFO

I was browsing through a magazine before I filed it with my thousands of other magazines and had one of those light bulb moments....
Instead of marking pages with sticky notes, then filing it away....
or laying a magazine near my machine, open on a page I really like...
I should organise myself and just grab a magazine at random and force myself to make one of the projects in that magazine... and keep doing that every month for a year, ending up with 12 random items from 12 random magazines.

Shame I didn't think of that at the end of last year and made it a 2014 project of the year!... maybe next year... AND I might even blog about it and ask for fellow participants to egg me (and each other) on.

After that light bulb moment, I decided to pull out one of my UFOs and finish it...

Believe it or not, I only have 2 quilting UFOs and they are both BOMs.  (I have a knitting UFO and a crochet UFO as well).  One of the quilting UFOs, is a Christmas quilt purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop, a few years ago.  I have made all the blocks and only have to join them & add the borders...I have all the fabric to make it up...

... the other UFO is from a shop in Orange NSW.  It is made up of beautiful Japanese styled fabrics...very rich in colours...(photo taken at night time under artificial light, so the colours aren't their true vibrant self).

Today, I started & finished "Month 10" which are the 4 corners before the borders.  Next will be "Month 11" which is sashing the 9 blocks together and joining in the 4 corner blocks.  "Month 12" is adding more borders and finishing the quilt.  Again I have all the fabric...even the backing for this one.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Easter Quilt & Kits

I finished this quilt yesterday.  It is an Easter Quilt.  
The fabric in all the centres, the outside border & the backing have Bunnies & Easter Eggs. 
 I quilted it with Bunnies & Hearts.
 I made the quilt out of an old 12 (8.5") block kit I had made years ago.  
I added sashings and borders to the blocks to make it bigger.

The next 3 pictures are some of the new kits I have been making.  
I decided to make the new kits with alternating borders, as the old kits had all 12 blocks the same (as in the quilt above), but now the new kits have two lots of 6 (8.5") blocks... still ending up with 12 blocks that makes a quilt 24.5" x 32.5" without borders or sashings.

 Here I have catered for the boys and made "Tractors"
 The next kit is for girls, called "Owls".
Then I revamped some Christmas kits.
I have boxed them up in old video boxes and will be selling them for $10 each. (Hope they sell!)

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cushion Covers & Charity Bandages

Mum & I have been busy sewing items for my stall.  
All 12 of the aprons are now made, plus two sets of the following cushion covers. 
The most expensive part of the covers, were buying the inserts to go into them.  I managed to source 4 cushion inserts on eBay for $22.99 including postage.

Then last Saturday while out at Garage Sales, I came across this bag of crochet cotton for $3.
So I decided to make some "Leper Bandages" for a friend who has been nagging asking me for ages to knit up some for her charity.
Apparently, the more colourful the better, so the bag of "scraps" is ideal for this project. 
The bandages get sent to a remote part of India and she was pleased to tell me that her charity has now sent so many to this particular hospital, that the hospital no longer has to buy bandages.  She has even showed me photos that were sent back to her to show that the bandages are really used.

They are so simple to make..
Cast 22 stitches onto size 10 (3.25) needles, knit (garter stitch) for 1 metre... cast off, leaving last stitch,
then crochet 60 chain.. Sew all ends into bandage.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

ALL Flannel fabric now out of my stash

That's it!  I have realised I don't like working with flannel.... 
so I have taken ALL of it out of my stash and cut it up....
...and will be selling it on eBay! 
With my baby cutting machine (which I only have 3 shapes to cut).. I cut 4.5" squares...

then I cut 2.5" x 4.5" rectangles & also half square triangles that make 4.5" squares.

I also cut triangles by just using my rotary cutter & ruler to make kits to sell..

that end up making a 24" x 32" quilt top like this..
 and I also decided to cut some of the fabric to make three 40" x 48" baby quilts to use up pieces of left over wadding I have, using the above design.
 (By the time I have made them, I will REALLY be OVER flannel!)
All of the above photos show most (not all) of the flannel I have cut!

I now have a hole in my cupboard to store the cutting machine I used on this fabric, plus other fabric!

Just give me "normal" cotton fabric to sew.. much nicer, and less fluff in my machine!

Until next post...