Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Yuletide Quilt - Part Five

Recap of people in this story: 
Dulie – the Aussie
Legina & Bane– American friend’s of Dulie
Ron – Legina’s late husband.

Dulie managed to finish the quilt top while she was in the States, but a quilt is not made of a quilt top alone, so stupidly Dulie decided that she wanted to make a backing out of the pile of 6” Christmas squares that were from another swap amongst the same ladies. As Dulie’s time in the States had run out, she carried the quilt top and 6” squares home to Aussie Land in her luggage.

She was not game to post the quilt top home (along with the 50 8 boxes she had posted home to herself with the 1000’s 100’s of yards of fabric), as last time she visited Legina & Bane, she worked on a quilt while there, and posted it home to herself, only to have the quilt top and all the additional fabric for that quilt to be “misplaced” while being inspected by Australian Quarantine…. Never to be seen again 

Unfortunately when Dulie got home, she was unable to get started on the backing, so when her Mum ,“Feather”, came for a few day’s visit, Dulie thought it would be a wonderful opportunity for Feather to add her expertise to the quilt.  So with Dulie measuring & cutting and Feather chained  sitting at the sewing machine the backing was made over 2 days.

Feather at the machine

 They decided on making alternating rows of 6” squares and 6” strips, raiding Dulie's own stash to add to Legina's squares.  The quilt back, front & wadding was bundled up and taken to the local quilter to be joined together.

The backing

Stay tuned for Part Six of THE YULETIDE QUILT… same time, same station.

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