Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Customer's Quilt

Just love seeing customer's quilts come in and go out.
They are all so different and on lots occasions...inspiring.
I also love trying to match fabric with a stitching pattern that I have.
Here is a block in the quilt, that was duplicated in various colours:
and here is the stitch I used .... this is the back of the quilt, as the stitching shows up better.

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Another Christmas Quilt

Mum & I have been churning out the quilts lately.
Here is a Christmas Quilt ready for sale.
 It is 46" x 58.5"
Another panel to which borders have been added.

I manage to get some of my quilts quilted AFTER I have finished the customer's quilts.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

2 more quilts finished

a Mum & Me Quilt
...using ALL Christmas fabric...called "Stacked Coins".
This was started in June last year.
(As you can see...straight sewing for Mum!)
It is a large quilt measuring 77" x 85"
 The close up shows the "Jingle Bells" stitching
and the backing is fabric I have had for YEARS and never knew what to do with it:
Now the other quilt:
the "CHEAT'S" quilt...56" x 66"
I saw this "panel"on the wall in a quilt shop in the States last June and asked to buy it, only to be told it was not for sale.... In the States (probably here too) a quilt is designed by using a range of fabrics, then the finished quilt is photographed and scanned onto a 60" wide cloth , then sent to the fabric shops, along with the pattern. I did some heavy grovelling (and heavy spending!) and eventually the lady agreed to sell it to me after 6 months...so at Christmas time the shop in the States contacted me & told me she bought a new one for me as her sample was no longer suitable to sell.
 even the stitching I used has Cowboy Boots & Hats!
I am REAL happy on how it turned out.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Last Weekend's Cooking

I was busy over the weekend. I bought a bucket of lemons at a garage sale (as mine aren't ready for picking yet) and made up:

Fig Jam (last of my figs), Fig & (frozen) Mixed Berry Jam, Dried Apricot with Apple Juice Jam & Lemon Cordial.

I still have 19 lemons left over, so I will make Lemon Curd/Spread & another lot of cordial ...but first, I have to buy some more sugar!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Christmas Quilt Finished

As mentioned last blog, I am now getting Mum to just sew straight lines.
Here is what I got her to make:
 The Christmas tree was a skinny long panel, so I added the red, then matching cream, then red again to make it wider, red on top, then the black all the way around.
Finished off with the red binding.
I used a star pattern when I quilted it.

Now Mum is making a "Stacked Coins" Christmas Quilt... again, all straight sewing.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bugs Galore!

Just finished quilting & binding this quilt. I bought the kit in the States last June. It is 50" x 60". Another "Mum & Me" effort. 

 Unfortunately, Mum's dementia is getting pretty bad, so she won't be doing much more sewing... she now can't do applique and found this quilt hard to comprehend how the borders went around each square...so it looks like straight sewing from now on, until she forgets how to do that...sad...very sad.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

2 more panels

I have now used all the "fleecy throws" as backings for the cot quilts.  
Here is the last 2 quilts made from them:
 Love trying to match the stitching to the picture on the front.
 I have made a few of these, as I bought a bolt of the panels
 again the stitching matches.
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Sunday, March 12, 2017

3 Panels

This weekend I quilted a few of my panels.
 The Santa was one I found in my stash (yes! I had forgotten all about it!)
 and the 2 children's panels.......
 well, I experimented with a fleecy throw rug as the backing (I bought 3 with this in mind)

 .... I am happy with all of them.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Last 3 blocks

I just finished the last 3 blocks for my "Australian" Calendar
 October = Halloween (I know..not many in Oz celebrate it!)
November = Melbourne Cup (the horse race that stops the nation!)
December = Christmas
Here are all the blocks placed in order...
 I now have to find appropriate fabric for the sashings & the borders.

Until next post...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Blocks 7-9 in Australian BOM

As mentioned two posts ago, I am paper piecing an Australian calendar that I made up myself by finding free patterns on the internet and yesterday I completed blocks 7, 8 & 9:
July: Snowman = Winter
August: Cockatoo = LOTS of them raiding my Citrus Trees
September: Flowers = Beginning of Spring
I only have 3 more to make, then join them into a quilt.
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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Table Runners Galore!

Mum & I have been busy making Table Runners this past week.
Here they are:
 I also quilted a cot panel:
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Friday, February 24, 2017

Birthday Club Gifts Received

It has been a wonderful week receiving parcels leading up to my Birthday.
I have received the following gifts in the Birthday Club Fat Quarter Swap:
WARNING: my Mum was looking at them and mixed them up, so I "HOPE" I am matching the correct gifts with the names!
This is from Anthea:
 From Simone:
 From : Jeanette
 From Asta:
 From Sue:
THANK YOU to all the ladies in the swap, I am enjoying all the lovely gifts!
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Friday, February 17, 2017

"Australian" BOM & more quilting

Many years ago I wanted to make an "Australian" calendar for an Australian who was living overseas for a couple of years.  I was her "secret sister" and had to think of something to send to her periodically for a year...so I came up with the idea to make a monthly block of Australia.  Well great idea, but there was no "Australian" pattern anywhere (I'm talking years ago!)...so I decided to searched the net for free paper (foundation) pieced patterns in monthly themes and managed to use a bit of imagination and came up with 12 different blocks that represented each month in Australia.

Why am I telling you this?...well I came across my patterns (while looking for something else) and decided to make them up again and here is what I have made so far:
 January = Australia Day (Captain Cook "sailed" here)
February = Valentines Day (Heart)
March = Beginning of Autumn (Fallen leaf)
April = Easter (Easter egg fabric used)
May = Mother's Day (Basket of flowers)
June = Beginning of winter (Stay home to keep warm)

That's all I have made at the moment...  
Customers quilting has kept me busy the past week..
The customer asked for "Clouds" as the stitching on this child's quilt:
and I was told to do "whatever" on these matching quilts:
 so I used the "playful kittens" stitch...so cute.
....the pale blue backing shows up the pattern nicely
Thank goodness it is a bit cooler this week after the shocking heatwave we had last week!

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Cow embroidery, swap & quilting

Over the last week, I decided to get out my embroidery machine & "try" to remember how to add words to a picture, then download it onto the machine.

After MANY hours I managed to come up with this:
and ended up with this:
however... looks can be deceiving...the front is ok, but the back is a bit untidy.  
I'd say the embroidery threads might be too old to use as they are over 25 years old.
Still need to fine tune my embroidery machine skills!

Another package arrived in the mail from the Birthday Fat Quarter Swap
and this one was from Illene:
I'm glad I asked for teddy bear fabrics...so cute...and the threads will certainly come in handy.

Also... I have just finished machine quilting & binding another customer's quilt.
Stinking hot here again today (43C) and hotter tomorrow...thank goodness for air conditioning!
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

2 more customer quilts

When the temperature outside is over 40 degrees Celsius, I am staying indoors, with the air conditioner on and working on customer quilts.

Firstly, here is a baby girl's quilt with lace & chenille, along with the normal 100% cotton:
 The customer asked for "Daisies" as the quilted pattern... it looks a tad overpowering here, but when the quilt is opened, it looks WONDERFUL.

Then I quilted this queen sized quilt for a customer to gift to a teenage boy.  She also asked for me to bind the quilt, so she receives a "finished" quilt.
I have also been making up more of the children's pyjamas "between" quilts.

Until next post...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February already!

Yesterday I spent the day at the cutting mat and cut out 11 pairs of pyjamas and 6 table runners, then today I thought I had better quilt and bind a customers quilt:
Then I made one of the 11 pairs of pyjamas:
 Also yesterday I received a WONDERFUL parcel in the mail from Cheryll of Gone Stitchin" who sent me 2 swap gifts in the one parcel.  
The first one is from her Fat Quarter Birthday Club  for my Birthday (which is later this month): 
I asked for "teddy bear" fabric for my choice of material in this swap:
 and the second gift is also one of Cheryll's swaps, which is the
Now this gift just blew me away!
 I am SO happy & lucky with this gift. 
 I certainly will be using all these WONDERFUL gifts.

Until next post...