Sunday, July 26, 2015

Quiltarama 2015 in Dungog

Well Dungog Quiltarama 2015 has been and gone for another year and here is my stall all ready to open for trading.
 and here and I all ready for the two days.
 There were many quilts on display for people's choice
 and I was surprise to see my name mentioned on quite a few! (like the one above)
While wondering around the quilts before the show opened I came across a few I really like.
I just loved this Oriental quilt ...
and super impressed with this one..certainly thinking outside the box!
and this one, even thou quite simple, caught my eye. 

It was a change of venue this year, held at the High School Hall, where every other year it was held at the RSL Club... the change of venue brought a lot more people to the show. 
Also, this year, it was all in one room, (the hall) where other years, it was in 4 different rooms of the Club... personally I hope they stay with the School Hall in future years.


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Christmas in July

I had a lot of fun when I joined Cheryll's Christmas in July.  My partner was Kaye and this is what I received.
(I remembered to photograph it before ripping the paper off)
 Aren't I the lucky one!!!
 I remember reading on Kaye's blog about this pillow and thinking it was sooo cute!... then I find out it is mine...ALL MINE!!  I absolutely LUV is my favourite colour!
 Then another blue item... an ornament to hang on my tree.
and lasttly this gorgeous table mat.
ALL my items have been hand cross stitched by Kaye and

Thank you to Kaye for the lovely gifts and thank you to Cheryll for hosting the swap.

I'm off to day two of Quiltarama, (last day) where I have my stall.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Not happy Jan!

NOT HAPPY JAN!  (Australian's know this saying!)

After spending a lot of money on the wool and many many many many many (got the idea?) hours knitting it (it sat at my lounge chair for over a year waiting for me to "pick up the stitches" on the already knitted fronts to knit the lacy bits (I LOATHE picking up stitches!)... I eventually finished it last night..only to find that it is to small for my buxom body...SOB!!

...Mum on the other hand is over the moon, as she is now the proud owner of it.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Table Runners Galore!

I bought this fabric on Sew your Destashing..... it is rubber backed curtain material, but you can't tell after it has been used to make table runners with wadding & backing!
Again, I cut, Mum sewed, I quilted & bound them.
All ready now for my stall at the Quiltarama Sale this weekend in Dungog.

 All cut with a 60 degree ruler. 
 I only had enough blue binding to bind one of the pieces.
 All the rest are bound in pink.
I made 4 large runners (44")
 and 4 smaller runners (22")
The hexagons are the "off cuts" when cutting the table runners.
Here they all are together.

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy mail!

Christmas in July 2015
I am in Cheryll's Christmas in July this year and look what came in the post...
Don't know if I will be strong enough to wait til opening day!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More quilts made this year

 Still getting ready for the sale and realised these had not been photographed.
All these quiltd have been made this year by both Mum and me.
This horse quilt is Single Bed Size.  I bought the 2 panels at the Sydney craft show LAST year, then added to it from my stash.  I cut, Mum sewed, then I quilted & bound it.
 "Who Let the Dogs Out?" was fabric I bought years and years ago, again at the Sydney quilt show.  I bought the fabric to make cute outfits for my grand children...well that never happened, so I copied a pattern that was on a quilt I quilted for a customer, enlarged it (Queen Size Quilt)  and "I" actually made the whole quilt, while Mum made....
..this one.  I cut and Mum sewed.  The hearts are a fun and easy block to make.  I have yards and yards and yards of this fabric, so the backing is the same fabric as the hearts.  This is also a Queen Sized Quilt.
After making a couple of cot quilts with white fabric and coloured thread thread stitching, I made this King Sized Quilt. 
I backed it with the same fabric as Mum used in her Heart quilt (told you I had yards and yards of this fabric...and still do!)  

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Quilts, quilts, quilts

I have been busy today, trying to get ready for my stall at Dungog's Quiltarama, which is being held next weekend 25-26 July.
Sorting thru & pricing what I am taking. 
The following are some of the cot quilts & their prices.
(I know, toooo cheap!)
 Very simple with Ballet Shoes in pink thread stitched onto white fabric.
This time with purple flowers stitched on white.
This centre piece was bought off eBay as a UFO,.  
I added the three plain outside borders.
 A cute panel I just quilted & bound.
 ..and another one just quilted and bound.
Then for something different, I knitted these "Heart in a Heart" rectangles in 100% cotton, joined them together and it is another cute cot or bunny rug. 

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