Sunday, April 20, 2014

Back to quilting!

I was starting to have withdrawal (quilting) symptoms while the grand kids where here, but it was back to the machine today for Mum and I to finish what we had started before they came.
Again, with this quilt, I cut and Mum sewed.  Then I quilted and bound it.
The quilt measures 80" x 96" and is more of a man's quilt with all those tractors!
While Mum made that quilt, I decided to make up a kit that was given to me for Christmas from one of the American friends I stay with when I am visiting the States.
This kit came in a HUGE coffee mug, with spoon, fabric & pattern. 
There was enough fabric to make 2 (16" x 40") table runners, and with the off cuts I made the hexagon.

As I didn't want to make a mistake in the cutting, and to get maximum use out of the fabric, I practised on a piece of fabric from my stash ...
...and made 2 table runners from this Noah's Ark fabric.
I really like how they all turned out.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt and now it is the Last Day

 J & D are going back home to their parents on this afternoon's plane, so we had an Easter Egg Hunt yesterday afternoon.
D found 9 eggs and....
 J found 11, so J gave one to D, so they had 10 each.
 Of course they had to try one each straight away to see if they were all right.

It will be awfully quiet here tonight after 2 weeks of children's laughter, whinging, shouting, yelling and chatter......... constant chatter.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pyjamas, Nighties & Headband Completed!

Firstly, my monthly Yarn Club with Jelly Wares found me knitting a headband/ear warmers for this month's project. 
I got J to model it for me.
Then I got in and made the pyjamas.  The grey Pandas are for D and...
 The pink hearts & flowers are for J...also...
I made 2 nighties for J.
We all went to see a "Magic Show" put on at the Library today, then after that I managed to find the time to sew...Phew!!! didn't think I would get them done in time..
Tomorrow we are off to the cinema in Raymond Terrace to watch Mr Peabody & Sherman..

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I bought a drum set...BIG MISTAKE!

I bought a drum set at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago..for $5...
here is D belting the crap out of it...
 and J being a "little" bit more in rhythm...
Wonder how I can package the drums up and send it home with them on the plane!
..and here they are feeding my 3 steers..T-Bone, Casserole & Stew.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 7

We started the day with baking.. we made patty cakes & chocolate biscuits with icing.. of course they had to lick the beaters!

It was "Steamfest" in Maitland this weekend, and a steam train came to Dungog, picked up passengers and took them to nearby Stroud Road and back.  As we live next to the train line, we rode the quad bikes to the fence and watched a steam train go past.. We all waved and the driver tooted as he passed by... J tooted back from my quad bike.
After lunch I cut out 2 pairs of fleecy pyjamas for D and 2 pairs of fleecy pyjamas for J, plus 2 nighties for J.  I hope to get them made before they go home on Friday, so I can pack them in their bag to go postage!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Days 4, 5 & 6

Day 4.. I took J & D on a train ride to Maitland for lunch and toy shopping.. at one stage we were heading towards "Lifeline" (a second hand shop) and J said to me "don't even think about it!"...
Day 5 was a picnic in the park .. J & D worked up a hunger on the play equipment..
 J stopped for a moment, so I could grab this shot.

Day 6 saw us going to a Fun Park called Dizzyland... total rip off at $70 to get in the gate ...
$25 each child for unlimited rides, plus $20 for 6 tokens to play on the Clowns.
All the rides are very old and really need sprucing up and cleaning..
J & D loved it there..
and D thought the Merry go Round was a bit slow after the thrill of some of the other rides.

"No adults" were allowed to sit on the horses on the Merry go Round.. I said Mary Poppins rode on one, and another parent next to me burst into laughter and said that Mary Poppins was a lot thinner than most of us now a days.. had to laugh with her as I saw the funny side ... I could have been offended as I carry more weight than I should... but hey!..she was correct!

 J & D are (hopefully) having a great time.. they are full of beans....
Me?... my get up and go has got up and left...loving it, but totally exhausted..
...6 days to go...but who's counting?

Until next post..

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

City Kids in the Country

 Today I took my two grand children for their first horse ride

  They haven't quite got the concept of mounting a horse..
     However I am told that this method is to teach them posture...
......   they did get it right in the end and had a GREAT time

In the afternoon, they helped me make savoury mince pies for dinner..
Time to turn in... another full day tomorrow...

Until next post...