Friday, February 17, 2017

"Australian" BOM & more quilting

Many years ago I wanted to make an "Australian" calendar for an Australian who was living overseas for a couple of years.  I was her "secret sister" and had to think of something to send to her periodically for a I came up with the idea to make a monthly block of Australia.  Well great idea, but there was no "Australian" pattern anywhere (I'm talking years ago!) I decided to searched the net for free paper (foundation) pieced patterns in monthly themes and managed to use a bit of imagination and came up with 12 different blocks that represented each month in Australia.

Why am I telling you this?...well I came across my patterns (while looking for something else) and decided to make them up again and here is what I have made so far:
 January = Australia Day (Captain Cook "sailed" here)
February = Valentines Day (Heart)
March = Beginning of Autumn (Fallen leaf)
April = Easter (Easter egg fabric used)
May = Mother's Day (Basket of flowers)
June = Beginning of winter (Stay home to keep warm)

That's all I have made at the moment...  
Customers quilting has kept me busy the past week..
The customer asked for "Clouds" as the stitching on this child's quilt:
and I was told to do "whatever" on these matching quilts:
 so I used the "playful kittens" cute.
....the pale blue backing shows up the pattern nicely
Thank goodness it is a bit cooler this week after the shocking heatwave we had last week!

Until next post....

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cow embroidery, swap & quilting

Over the last week, I decided to get out my embroidery machine & "try" to remember how to add words to a picture, then download it onto the machine.

After MANY hours I managed to come up with this:
and ended up with this:
however... looks can be deceiving...the front is ok, but the back is a bit untidy.  
I'd say the embroidery threads might be too old to use as they are over 25 years old.
Still need to fine tune my embroidery machine skills!

Another package arrived in the mail from the Birthday Fat Quarter Swap
and this one was from Illene:
I'm glad I asked for teddy bear cute...and the threads will certainly come in handy.

Also... I have just finished machine quilting & binding another customer's quilt.
Stinking hot here again today (43C) and hotter tomorrow...thank goodness for air conditioning!
Until next post...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

2 more customer quilts

When the temperature outside is over 40 degrees Celsius, I am staying indoors, with the air conditioner on and working on customer quilts.

Firstly, here is a baby girl's quilt with lace & chenille, along with the normal 100% cotton:
 The customer asked for "Daisies" as the quilted pattern... it looks a tad overpowering here, but when the quilt is opened, it looks WONDERFUL.

Then I quilted this queen sized quilt for a customer to gift to a teenage boy.  She also asked for me to bind the quilt, so she receives a "finished" quilt.
I have also been making up more of the children's pyjamas "between" quilts.

Until next post...

Saturday, February 4, 2017

February already!

Yesterday I spent the day at the cutting mat and cut out 11 pairs of pyjamas and 6 table runners, then today I thought I had better quilt and bind a customers quilt:
Then I made one of the 11 pairs of pyjamas:
 Also yesterday I received a WONDERFUL parcel in the mail from Cheryll of Gone Stitchin" who sent me 2 swap gifts in the one parcel.  
The first one is from her Fat Quarter Birthday Club  for my Birthday (which is later this month): 
I asked for "teddy bear" fabric for my choice of material in this swap:
 and the second gift is also one of Cheryll's swaps, which is the
Now this gift just blew me away!
 I am SO happy & lucky with this gift. 
 I certainly will be using all these WONDERFUL gifts.

Until next post...

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What does one do when it is 42C outside???

Today is a stay indoors day with the air conditioner on as it is 42 degrees Celsius outside.
So what do I do???

Make children's fleecy winter pyjamas that I sell closer to winter...
I'm an idiot!

Until next post...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Customer Quilting

Last week, a customer arrived with 5 quilts for me to quilt.  One of the quilts was from a group effort making a baby's quilt, another quilt was from a lady who makes about 2 a year, and the other 3 quilts were from a lady who makes lots of quilts.
The baby quilt was mentioned in my last post and here are the other quilts all folded, ready to go :
I also made these cute cushions:
Now I am busy cutting out children's winter pyjamas from fleecy fabric.

Until next post...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Jam, Quilt & Book

Yesterday I made another batch of Fig Jam & I also made a batch of Zucchini Pickles.  I sell more than I can make!
Then today, I quilted & bound a quilt for a customer who brought 5 quilts to be quilted, but she really wanted this one ASAP:
I offer to bind the quilts (for a fee) if they want...however it is sewn by machine front & back...not enough would be paid if I had to hand catch the binding once sewn on one side by machine!)

I also finished reading this book:
It is a very old book published in 1961, written by Margaret Sidney.  I found it at a garage sale and as I wasn't a reader when I was young, I have been reading classics every now & again!

Until next post...