Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Fat 1/4 Birthday Gifts

Sorry it has taken me over a week since my birthday to post a photo of the LOVELY gifts that I have received, but I have been waiting on one more to arrive, but it still hasn't come.  
The lady did phone me on my actual birthday and wish me a Happy Birthday and said my gift is running a bit late.

So here are my gifts:
 Aren't I lucky???
and the bottom row is from my "special" partner, Asta.

THANK YOU!  I was very spoilt.

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Unusal Knitted Neck Scarf

In November, I went to a Blog Weekend in Bathurst and among all the fun I saw a scarf that a "Mum" had knitted, but there was no pattern.  
 So with tape measure, pad & pen I worked out the pattern, came home & knitted it.
I used wool from my stash..this is Wangaratta 60% Wool/40% Acrylic 8 ply.
..and here it is!
I made it while I was watching the "Ashes Cricket".
I think I will be making more of these to sell online & my stall.

Until next post...

Friday, October 6, 2017

3 Bon Bons made today

I couldn't help myself, these 3 items were among the cut fabrics I have ready to take away with me to the Blog weekend.  All the rest of these Bon Bons are in Christmas fabrics, so I thought I would just make these up.
...so cute...
I can see them filled with baby toiletries (baby powder, soap, cotton buds) and given as a gift at a baby shower or birth. 
I am so glad I bought a computerized quilting machine, as I am still able to sew while a row is being quilted on my machine!

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Preparing for Blog Weekend

I must think I am an over-achiever...
I have 5 projects cut and ready to take to the "Blog Weekend" in Bathurst to make...
Pink Cot Quilt, Blue Cot Quilt, Zippered Bags, Bon-Bons & Knee Rug...
 I really am being a bit optimistic, don't you think?? LOL!

Plus I bought this 37" wide roll of soft, but fairly sturdy vinyl/plastic(?) at a price I couldn't refuse...it is sort of like what you would put on an outside table for a bar b q or picnic..... well what can I make out of it?
 Today I quilted & sewed on the binding on 2 of these cot quilt panels.  I bought quite a few of this design as they have been selling very well.
This morning at 9am, I was up to date with customer quilts, however by 3pm this afternoon, I have 7 quilts waiting to be quilted.... no more "free time" for a while.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

2 quilts from 1 kit

Here is a quilt I made earlier this year:
So cute and about single bed size.

However, when the quilt was finished, I had a lot of left over "scraps", so instead of "filing" them away in my stash, to be used "one day" (that never comes), I decided you make up a smaller quilt, only using a plain black & a plain red from my stash.
 The photo doesn't do it justice, it really is cuter than it looks. 
 It is 48" x 53".

Now I must start on quilting the 3 customer quilts that arrived in the last 24 hours!

Until next post....

Friday, September 1, 2017

I have always said "No"..but...

Way back when photos were taken on film, I use to earn my living as a Wedding/Portrait Photographer, being half owner of a very successful Photography Studio.

However, when digital cameras were the "norm" I retired from that industry and went back to pushing paper & money around (as a Secretary) for someone else. 
(Yes, this is me as a secretary..dressed up one Halloween as a joke!).

Over the years, I have been approached to give talks on Photography to schools & camera clubs, and I have always said "thank you, but no thanks" as I was never comfortable when asked about aperture, f-stops, lens, types of camera etc, as I felt I didn't know enough about the technical stuff.  I knew how to pose people, how to "frame" the picture in the view finder, how to set MY camera to the light reading that MY light metre told me was the available light...but to answer those probing questions from a keen budding photographer...NO WAY!

So, why did I say "OK" this time?...well... it was my sister who asked me to give a talk on Photography to the CWA branch she was in... a small group of 15 people Julie, they won't ask hard questions Julie, they probably won't ask any questions Julie, please Julie, I said you would do it for our next meeting......

So, I have spent many hours preparing the first and last informative, but tongue in cheek talk with lots of props, to present next Thursday.

Wish me luck!

Until next post...

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Shoe-boxes for Kids!

When I was in America, the person I was staying with, showed me how her friends were filling "shoe-boxes" to send to children in poor countries at Christmas time. I was happy to find out, that we are doing the same thing in Australia AND also, here in Dungog, there is a contact for the charity....so....with items I have made & bought, I have filled (overfilled actually) 5 "shoe-boxes" ...now I just have to make it all fit into the boxes!

Until next post...