Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Quilt Call Update

Just an update on my previous post of asking for quilts, (click here to read it), I have contacted Neighbourcare, here in Dungog, for names of the elderly who were in the old age units that were flooded to the ceiling.

Because of privacy acts... I  can't be given names of the people who most need quilts, so I have organized with Neighbourcare that I will phone them when I have 5 quilts and they will get 5 people to come to the Neighbourcare Centre and I will hand the quilts out then.
I will keep doing this each time I have a number of quilts.

I am still asking for more quilts from single bed size up ...can you help?

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Quilts please!

As I live in DUNGOG, people have contacted me and asked if I need help...fortunately I don't but others do.. especially my friend. 
 You would recognize the image from TV of the house floating away.. well that belonged to my friend Colleen. 
 She lived there with her husband and her elderly mother. PLUS, her son owned the house next door (also floated away). He lived there with his partner & 2 small children. They have lost EVERYTHING, house, contents AND LAND.
 (You can insure your house & contents, but not the actual land)...
How can you help?... QUILTS!

Most of the people I am giving to are adults.

If you send to me, along with giving to my friend Colleen & her son,  I would give to the elderly people who have lost their homes... The flood went through the elderly settlement flooding EVERY unit to the ceiling.
If you send a quilt, I would like to have you name, address AND email address, so I can take a photo of the person receiving it and email it back to you, to prove that the quilt is going to someone.
Please message me if you will help and I will give you my postal address.
I don't mind if you advertise this post to your quilting (or crocheting or knitting) friends.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dungog's Fatal Floods

On Monday night (20th April) I ended up going to bed very late, as the rain on the roof was so loud, I knew I wouldn’t be able have a good night’s sleep.  I have NEVER heard rain that heavy and for that long (about 8 hours nonstop).  At day light I looked out and normally see this sight…
 But saw this instead….
The neighbour’s cattle were knee deep in flood water… thankfully our 3 (Casserole, Stew & T-Bone) were on high ground.  Water was running down our property as if we had a stream! 
Also the eerie quietness of no trains became obvious.  From our front gate you could see why....
Rail way lines hanging in mid-air…even one of the concrete sleepers had been washed away.
Our little town of Dungog had received 312mls overnight…that is about 13 inches!
We couldn't get to town as all roads were flooded.
Picnic area awash….
As we live just out of town, we were VERY LUCKY and only lost telephone & internet coverage for 2 days, but in town lost power (3/4 of a day) phones, internet (same as us) & WATER (2 days).  Bottled water was brought in yesterday afternoon.  All internet was down, so there was cash transactions only & banks were closed as they relied on the internet!
Being a small town, we heard of the 3 deaths straight away, plus the sweeping away of 4 homes at 5am in the morning.   I had to go to town the next day as Mum had an appointment for her flu injection, so I ventured in to town not knowing what to expect… the devastation of where the houses once were was unbelievable… it was clear that the SES had got in and cleaned up BIG TIME…but whole homes being carried away by water??????  The one house in the photo and the “Tyre Shop” are probably going to be demolished, along with a row of old aged people’s homes.
A house use to be here ...
This is the Tyre Shop that was part of where I use to work..
Both my friend's house and her son's house use to be here...
(this was the house you saw floating away on TV news)
Another house use to be here...
It is sad to mention, that 3 elderly people lost their lives in the flood.
Thank you to all who tried to contact me and thought of me... I was one of the lucky ones.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

All for same customer

Since coming home from holidays & Nanna duties, I have been inundated with quilts to quilt for customers... since the 2nd of this month (8 days ago), I have finished 19 quilts and have another 10 here to quilt, plus 2 more customers are coming this weekend with more quilts!

It's a bit like, one step forward and three steps back!

You'd think I would be stressing, but unbelievably, I'm not... just over the moon & enjoying every moment.

These 7 smallish quilts are are all for the one lady, who picks up and drops more off... she has a cupboard full of different sized quilts to be quilted (these were all the cot size ones)... think she is coming to the end of them now.

Until nest post...

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Dance!

Just thought I would shock you all and tell you that Bruce and I became engaged today.... and no, a date for the wedding has not yet been set.

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Easter Swap -To Gina from Glenda

 As neither Gina nor Glenda have a blog and they both participated in my Easter Swap, I thought I would show you what Gina (Australia) got from Glenda (New Zealand).
E – Easter tin and Easter treats (I bribed the kids with the Easter treats this afternoon.. Pick up dog poo in the yard and they can have a chocolate each.. Job was done)
A – Address book (will fill this in and pop in my handbag as it is so compact and perfect for my bag)
S – Sticky notes (they are on my office desk ready to be used)
T – Tea – NZ tea.. (had a cup tonight and oh so yummy)
E – Egg natural soap (used it tonight when I had a shower and it has left my skin so soft)
R – Ribbons (my daughter claimed these for her hair)
T – Treats (I hate to say it but I did not just eat 1 chocolate.. I ate the entire 8 in one sitting as the voices in my head kept saying MORE MORE MORE.. They were YUMMM)
I – Ink pens (they are in my pencil case ready to use tomorrow at uni)
M – Money purse (this is in my handbag with lip glosses)
E – Easter egg moulds (the kids have TOLD me we are making chocolate eggs Friday using this)
Until next post...