Monday, October 29, 2012

Fabric from Fiji

After saying I didn't need more fabric, what do I go and do???

I bought over 20 metres of fabric at one shop in Fiji.
So after seeing it, can you blame me?

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Back from Fiji

I'm back! ....  and look what I got up to on my last day in Fiji!
That's me parasailing!  It was AWESOME!


What a friendly place Fiji is!

So serene and peaceful

This photo was taken from inside my room, looking out over my balcony THROUGH the fly screen door.

I bought about 20 metres of fabric while I was there too (I will photograph it and show you later).... and here I said before I left, I do NOT need anymore fabric!

Now back to reality, washing, ironing and work.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

The Difference Paint Makes!

Here are some shots of before and after:

ALL of the inside had the white/green/freeze/plum, but the freeze was ripped in places and the rooms looked so dark with that colour scheme.

So we had all the inside painted with off white/deep cream.
Now the house is so light!

Before, the outside had a green roof and yellow walls.
Now it has a brownish roof (called "Jasper"), "Chocolate" awnings & posts and Creamy/Yellow ("Malacoota") walls.

That is "Dusty", my man's faithful dog.  She has not got a mean bone in her body and is wonderful.  Her only fault is: she moults!  She only has to stand there and it falls off her, even straight after brushing her or bathing her, it just sheds and is a wonder she is not bald!  She reminds me of "Pig Pen" in the "Charlie Brown" comics.  He had the filth falling off him like the hair falls off Dusty.

My man has been into the gardens, but still has a long way to go before it is up to his liking.  He spent the first couple of days, digging out trees with his bulldozer and pruning others with his chainsaw!

Well, this afternoon I am off to Fiji for a week with my daughter, SIL, and 2 grand children.  My man will NOT fly or go on water, so he will be at our new home "re-arranging" while I am gone.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finally I did some sewing!

Sorry I have been so long since my last post, but I have now moved into my new place.  As I type this, the plumber is here, but we have had the builders, plumbers, painters and the electricians... looked like a Home Reno TV show some mornings with everyone here and doing their own thing.  I will post some photos another time of how the house has been revamped!
I have been really missing not being able to sew, so last Sunday I grabbed the first "little" project to sew and made this in a few hours.  The pinning of the 3 layers took me the longest, as I don't usually do any quilting, I send the quilts off to a quilter for that, but I thought I would try something different and see how I went... now I know why I send to a quilter!

I had bought this kit in the States last Christmas and I am very happy with how it turned out.
I was looking for a "different" table and chairs for the garden at our new place, and I saw these and fell in love with them.  The maker has made about 5 sets, all different and says he won't be making any more as they were too time consuming.  So I was happy to pay the $400 (gulp!) as I have a one of a kind and it looks good under the tree out the front.

 Believe it or not, the chairs are much heavier that the table!

Time to get to work.... until next post...