Friday, October 30, 2009

That's not a dishcloth.... now THAT'S a dishcloth!

My boyfriend wanted me to knit him a dishcloth, but didn't want one of those "sissy" little ones that I normally make... sissy?..they are 7" square! and big enough for me and everyone else to use.... but he wanted a dish cloth that would cover his hand, and have plenty of cloth to grab... well here is a "man sized" dishcloth next to my normal 7" cloth. Hope he is happy with this size, but being a man, well, I won't continue on that subject!
Now onto my patchwork project. I managed to sew borders on the 26 letters and that is all I had time to do, and I haven't had time this week to continue on it. This is what they look like so far. I am bordering them with the same colour as the letter. Only 3 colours were used in the alphabet.
On another matter... I was too late to join a secret Santa, and can't seem to find one that is open.... so I was wondering if I should start one on my own blog... any takers??? Maybe those who read my blog and are interested, then they could tell their friends??? Let me know please
and then I can start one up... a gift made by you plus maybe a chocolate/sweet added?..
Until next post....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My new project

I have been eyeing off this fabric for a while, so I ended up buying it at my local patchwork shop, washed it and then started to fussy cut the letters then numbers. I then made up the first block to see what size I should cut the borders.

I plan to make the borders the same colour as the letters (red, green & blue), then maybe do an outside border of the yellow. The numbers (0 -9 ) are smaller than the letters, so I will have to build them up to the same size as the letters.

I have a "sort of" idea in my minds eye how to put it all together, but when it comes to actually doing it, I will probably have to change my mind!

I hope to get some of this quilt done this weekend at my boyfriend's place ... that means I have to take my sewing machine, cutting matt, sewing box etc... he will wonder how long I am coming for!

... this will end up being a single bed sized quilt, and I have no idea what to do with it when it is finished! :-)

Until next post.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A couple of projects

Last weekend I got in and hand sewed October's block for the A Tisket A Tasket BOM that I am in, then added the matching borders by machine this morning before I went to work. Only 2 more months to go for this project, then I will have to come up with outside borders to complete the quilt.

Also over the weekend I started knitting this cardigan AGAIN for my grandson. You see I knitted this one at the beginning of winter for him. As he was then 7 months old I thought size 1-2 years would be plenty big enough, however my daughter sent it back as it is too small for him. My knitting was to the correct tension, so I figure the pattern has very small sizes.

So I am knitting another one for him for next year, or maybe it will be the following year... as I am knitting size 7-8years... now that is going to fit!!

Lucky I had plenty of the wool, as I had bought enough for an adults jumper from the woollen mills. I mainly knit in pure wool, as I feel if I am going to the trouble of knitting something, it might as well be done in nice wool.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update on seeds

My boyfriend was over last night and I showed him the new seeds. With a wry smile he asked where I intended them to be planted to die?

After much discussion, he has decided to bring a huge pot in, full of potting mixture and place it near my water tank. He will sow the seeds and he expects me to remember to water them.

He also brought in a pot with a well established tomato plant and stake. He told me he gave it the "last rites" before he brought it in to my place.

Yes, my boyfriend knows me well, but if he keeps up with those wise cracks, he may wear the potting mixture REAL SOON!

Until next post...


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look what the postman brought!

...and here I thought it was going to be another ordinary "hump" day (just in case you don't know what "hump" day means: Wednesday's are called that because they are in the middle of a working week..all up hill to Wednesday, then you are on top of the "hump", then down hill after that!)..... the post "lady" arrived with a padded envelope, so I tore it open to be greeted with this:
Then I went to tear it open, but the environmentally Jewells kicked in, so I carefully cut the sticky tape off and look what I saw!
My secret swap partner from the Washcloth Swap was Lisa - The Chocolate Cat. Apparently Lisa has been overseas and in her first week back, she sat down and knitted my cloths for me and left a lot of her unpacking to do later... isn't she sweet?
Anyways... in my package was the 2 cloths, a chocolate and 2 packets of seeds. One of them is called "Nigella"... never heard of them before, but they look so pretty.
Now, for those who know me, they all must be laughing about 2 things in my package.. the first is the cat washcloth... afraid to say Lisa, I am a real dog lover, and can't handle cats..they freak me out...BUT this cloth will be certainly used on dirty jobs, so PLEASE don't be offended...I am laughing at receiving it...
now secondly... the see, again my friends know a saying I have about my garden and it is "if it thrives on neglect, it will survive in my garden"... you see, I forget to water .... so the Nigella seeds sounds perfect for me as it says:
Sow on surface or just barely covered with soil in a sunny location, protected from wind. Will germinate in 21 - 28 days, flowers approx 15 weeks from sowing.... Care: regular removal of spent flowers prolongs flowering period... NOT ONCE DOES IT MENTION TO WATER THEM. So what do you think? they should survive here eh?
The chocolate is being consumed while I type this.... yummo! Thanks again to the Chocolate Cat...
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weekend Cutting

On the weekend I decided to cut up the flannel fabric I had left over from when I made a few baby quilts. I had fabric from the girl's quilts:
and the boy's quilts:
then I looked at it all and decided I couldn't face making another quilt from the fabric, so I decided to list it on eBay to sell.
I have also listed on eBay the quilt I did my first attempt of long arm quilting.
I am over this fabric.
I also started to fussy cut a new fabric (well new for where I live) an ABC fabric and hope to start sewing it this weekend...between garage sales and quad bike riding!
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

My a Tisket a Tasket Quilt so far

I have been down loading the free pattern from Bunny Hill Designs each month and have been sewing the patterns in stem stitch with 3 threads instead of 2. I then matched the thread colour with a border in the same tones and have sewn them all together. Can't wait to see the next installations! I am making up the colours as I go.

As this pattern comes from the States, and is designed with each of their months of year in mind, I have had to make a few minor alterations, so my blocks blend into just a quilt with baskets embroidered on each block.

Until next posting...