Wednesday, March 21, 2012

MORE Preserving!

I have been making Fig Jam every second or third day for a couple of months now, and now the figs are starting to come to an end, with this last lot being made last Saturday:

I was starting to look forward to some time to sew or knit instead of bottling food, but then my boyfriend says to me that the Choko vine is starting to produce and he came in with a bucket of chokos last night...


so I cut up lots of chokos and vegetables last night, set it aside to soak, took the excess chokos to work and gave them away to my fellow workers, then came home from work tonight and made some Choko Pickles:

I have found an interesting Choko Relish recipe, which I will make up next week with some of what is picked then.

Until next post...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Update your blog Mum!

My daughter phoned me last night and told me to update my blog, as she says that it has been too long since the last post, so I grabbed my camera and looked for something new to show you.

My first photo is a belated Birthday gift from a friend who knows I love Bingo (tragic isn't it?).  I go once a week and have withdrawal symptoms if I don't go.  I have taken this bag with my markers and money since receiving it.

It says "I only play BINGO on days that end in "Y"
Next is a photo of my Choko vine taking over.  The 2 trees it is growing over is a Banksia Tree and a Bottlebrush Tree and underneath is what I call "Pennyweed" but the real name is Nasturtium. At the moment I have only picked one choko, but there are many, many baby chokos coming on.

Now I have 2 different Frangapanni trees...this one is the traditional white with yellow centre and is huge, shading the corner of my house, and sending out a wonderful perfume with all the flowers.
Then across the yard is the other Frangapanni, called "Tropical".
Well that is it for now... no sewing or knitting being done as I am preserving fig jam every 3rd day, along with cucumber pickles and Curry Ketchup on the other days.

Until next post....