Thursday, May 30, 2013

My GAMMILL machine here tomorrow!


Just got a phone call today to say that my Gammill Quilting machine will be here and installed tomorrow with lessons on Saturday.

Who hoo... can't wait!

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Flintstone quilts for the price of one!

Now that Mum is living here, I am desperate for more cupboard space!
Remember a couple of months back I was offering to sell these quilts for $200 each?
Well now they are $100 each, plus $25 postage (within Australia) for BOTH quilts!
So for $225 you will have 2 BRAND NEW quilts!

They are "The Flintstones". 
I have 2 Flintstones Quilts  - a "Green" and a "Yellow" version.
The backs are different.
They are BOTH the same size of
58" x 70" (147cm x 178cm).
Both quilts were made with pre-washed 100% cotton fabric
and both quilted by a professional quilter (not me!).

Overseas buyers please email me for a quote on postage to your country!
  They can be bought as a pair or separately.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men

 I remember, as a kid, watching a show called "Bill & Ben" on TV (the ABC channel)  ... it was only on for about 5 minutes ...
Who remembers it?... they had a friend called "Weeeed" who grew in between them. I am talking over 50 years ago!

Anyways... I bought the blue one last week at the Tocal Field Days...just fell in love with it... then my sister gave Mum the yellow one on the weekend for her birthday.

They now sit on the front verandah, near the door... 
...on the other side of the door is:

The welcome Gnomes... they came with Mum when she moved here.

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