Sunday, June 30, 2013

Another Kit Made!

Last week I couldn't decide what to sew, so I decided to make up one of my many kits that I have bought over the years.
My method of what to make was to put my hand in the shelf, pull out 3 items and choose which one to make.
This is the one I decided on.  I bought it YEARS ago at the Darling Harbour Quilt Show in Sydney.

Soooo cute! I will be keeping this one!

Mum is making up the second kit (it too is a table runner, but in Autumn tones) which she is now sewing the binding on, so the photo will be taken when she is finished.

The third kit is a Christmas Stocking, however my grand daughter has asked me to make something with the owl panel her mother has sent me.. as it is the same panel as a quilt I made for her last year, I will have to make something other than a quilt out of it...hmmm

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Christmas in July

 I am participating in a GoNe StiTchiN' swap (Christmas in July 2013) and here is a sneak of what I have been making for my swap partner Tracee (no it isn't a secret).
I have gone for the 3 letters "A" for Angel (above photo)
  "S" for Santa
and "R" for Reindeer.

I even succeeded in quilting the top item on my new Gammill quilting machine, with NO mistakes!

Now I am off to attach the back of some binding by hand...wish I could use a thimble!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quilted Items For Sale

As mentioned earlier, I have just bought a quilting machine and I am learning how to use it.
So instead of wasting fabric by sewing samples, I am sewing panels and also making up small quilts to practice on
As I will be making quite a few of these, I have decided to make the binding and offer the QUILTED panel plus the binding for sale.
So here I go: 

 $12 each PLUS $8 postage
(WITHIN AUSTRALIA).. if overseas, please contact me for postage rate.

with PLENTY of Binding
Size of each placemat: 28 x 41cm (11" x 16")
Stitch pattern: Holly & Berries
Must admit I have made a boo boo on 2 of the placemats..
the BACKING was not stretched tight enough & there is a crease in the fabric.. not really noticeable, but I have to be honest..

after all I am still PRACTICING!

QUILTED COT PANEL No 1 - no mistakes made!
with PLENTY of Binding

Writing on panel says:
baby's furry fluffy
floppy first friends

Size: 70 x 112cm (27.5" x 44")

Stitch pattern: Tumbling Teddies
(2nd photo shows back & pattern)

QUILTED COT PANEL No 2 - no mistakes made!
with PLENTY of Binding
Winnie the Pooh & Friends
Size: 57 x 114cm (22" x 45")
  Stitch pattern: Circles (2nd photo shows back & pattern)

QUILTED COT PANEL No 3 - no mistakes made!
with PLENTY of Binding

 Size: 86 x 112cm (34" x 44")
Stitch pattern: Bunnies & Hearts
(2nd photo shows back & pattern)

QUILTED COT PANEL No 4 - no mistakes made!
with PLENTY of Binding
Size: 86 x 112cm (34" x 44")
Stitch pattern: Circles
(2nd photo shows back & pattern) 

Would LOVE to sell these... and more to come.
Please email me or leave a comment if you want to purchase any.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Learning the Gammill

My sewing room has been invaded by a HUGE machine!  My other half helped installed the new Gammill, while Mum and I stayed out of the way.
 and here I am, moving the head to mark out the size of the quilt, then press a button, stand back and watch it do its magic!


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