Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Yueltide Quilt - Part One

The Christmas (Yuletide) Quilt – a true story, however names have been changed to protect the insane innocent.

Once upon a quilt, a long, long way away, there was an Aussie quilter, “Dulie” staying with friends “Legina” & "Bane" in a far off land “The States”. Now, prior to Dulie’s visit, she mentioned to Legina & Bane that she would like to spend some of her holiday blowing money quilting.

Upon Dulie’s arrival, Legina opened her stash and low and behold, amongst the piles of fabric, there were blocks from swaps that all 3 friends had participated in (along with other ladies). As Dulie had already made her own quilt from the same swap blocks, she said she would do similar with Legina’s blocks.

Dulie's Quilt
To do this, Legina & Dulie went shopping for a Christmas panel to use as the centre block. After visiting many quilt shops and buying bypassing many fabrics, they decided upon the “I Believe” Christmas panel, with full intentions of using the largest of the blocks in the panel “I Believe in Santa” as the centre.

But, all well layed plans were blown out of the water when Bane saw the panel……

Stay tuned for Part Two of THE YULETIDE QUILT… same time, same station.

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