Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Yuletide Quilt - Part Six (Final)

By the time the quilt came back from the quilter, Dulie was back at work, full time, so she sewed the binding on for about a week, during her lunch hour.  That was NOT an easy job, as the quilt was huge and Dulie hand sewed the binding down.  Also it was January, and that month is the middle of summer in Australia, so it was HOT, HOT, HOT!

But finally The Yuletide Quilt was finished!
 It measured 78" x 98".

Told you it was HUGE!

It is now packaged up and ready to post it to Legina in the States.

So that now brings this little story to an end ....
(at long last, says you!)
a quilt made with love from an Aussie (Dulie), to her recently widowed friend (Legina), with hindrance (Ron) and help along the way (Bane & Feather).


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  1. Great job Julie, loved the story of the making of The Yuletide Quilt.