Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dragonfly Quilt

Oh! I love my quilting machine!

I was sent this Dragonfly Quilt Top in the mail,  
and lo and behold!.... machine had a matching stitching pattern for me to compliment the applique on this quilt!  

As the quilt is for a small child, I used a 100% cotton wadding, which isn't "lofty" as other waddings.
  This was a plus as the stitched dragonflies didn't over power the appliqued ones.

Hope the customer likes this quilt as much as I do!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Movie & An Appointment

As I had an appointment in Maitland (40 mins away) at lunchtime, Mum and I went to see "Mrs Brown D'Movie" this morning at Maitland.  Wasn't all laughs, but a funny movie to watch.

Then I had to go to my appointment...the Dentist!!!... you see, I have had a sore tooth for nearly 2 weeks and this was the first available "emergency" appointment they had.

I am a coward, as far as Dentists go... my knuckles turn white holding the arm rests of the chair, my eyes are shut with tears just pouring out of the corners and when I get up at the end, the chair has a  sopping wet print of my body on it.... I am petrified of them.... turning up is a mammoth thing for me....

I get to the office on time...only to be told that they have been trying to contact me, as the Dentist was off sick today..... bl**dy wonderful!... (my mobile was turned off during the movie). I have go through all the apprehension & wait for a call first thing tomorrow morning to see if I go in again tomorrow or next week!

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Quilts ...I'm on a roll!

 Another new client dropped off 3 quilts (all 45" square) on Sunday.  Two had a lofty wadding and the third had a cotton wadding.  They were for 3 of her grand sons.
The first one I stitched "Colt Horseshoes & Stars"...
...the second I stitched "Meandering Apples"....
...and the third was stitched "Japanese Leaves"
I phoned the lady at 4pm to say that I had finished them, and she must have broke all speed records getting here to pick them up.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am going to see "Mrs Brown D'Movie" (happy face) then following that I am going to the dentist, as I am having a problem with one of my back teeth (scared, sad face).

Until next post...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Two Quilts - Two Happy Customers!

I received this HUGE black & white quilt (84" x 108") on Friday afternoon.  The customer chose the pattern and asked for white thread on the top and black thread on the back.
 As an introductory special, I am trimming the quilts and also sewing the binding on the front (for them to hand stitch the binding to the back) all for free.

I forgot to take a photo of the back... it was white plain fabric with the black thread, but here is a close up of the front..  I just "love" it!
I phoned the customer at 6.30pm to say that it was ready.  She couldn't wait until tomorrow, so she jumped in her car and drove straight over.  She was over the moon and now thinks she might keep it for herself instead of gifting it!

Also, the blue hearts quilt in my last post was sold today to the lady who wanted a "blue cot quilt".

Two happy customers in one day... I can smile at that.

Until next post...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Blue Hearts finished & also Commission Quilt

I finished the "Blue Cot Quilt" today
I also quilted this "Aboriginal Designs" quilt for a new customer...not bad, seeing I only received her quilt yesterday.
I delivered it just after lunch and she is so happy, especially, as it was her first quilt she has ever made.
She has already passed my name onto her friend who just dropped off a quilt for me to do...
I am SO HAPPY that people are coming to me to do their quilting...

Until next post...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Needed a blue cot quilt

 On Monday, I was asked if I had a blue cot quilt for sale.

Wouldn't you know it... I had every other colour (pink, lemon, green) but not blue, so I got in and made one for her.

The "white" fabric has little feet and "It's a Boy" written all over it in blue.  I matched it with some blue fabric from my stash and found a heart pattern I used a long time ago. 
I finished sewing the top this afternoon then loaded it onto my machine, ready to quilt tomorrow morning.

The finished quilt will be 41" x 55" and ready for the lady when I see her next Monday.

Until next post...

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sydney's Quilt Show

Mum and I travelled to Sydney for our "annual pilgrimage" to the Craft & Quilt Fair.
This year, due to the normal venue being completely demolished and  in the process of being rebuilt, it was held at "Glebe Island".
So, the best 2 ways to get there (both ways were free) was by ferry...
or bus...
then you walked a short distance to the building...
We travelled by ferry on the 2 days we went.
Mum and I at the Show's Christmas Demonstration Section

We shopped the first day and went to classes the second day (and shopped a bit more).

We had purchased 3 day tickets before going, but decided that we had seen and bought everything in 2 days, so I gave 2 strangers (one was pushing a stroller with a small infant) boarding the "quilt show ferry" the next day our pre-paid tickets.
As they were rushing to get on the ferry (they were the last 2 to get on), they didn't have time to thank me as I quickly gave them the tickets for free... they probably thought I was joking!

I thought to myself... that is what "pay it forward" means... I felt good about it.

Until next post..

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm off to the Craft Show

 Mum and I are boarding the XPT at lunchtime to travel to Sydney for our "annual pilgrimage" to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair.

Every year it is held at Darling Harbour, but due to massive renovations the organisers have moved it to Glebe Island for this and the following 2 years.

This year Mum and I are staying for 4 days, so we should get a LOT of shopping done in that time, plus we are going to see "Strictly Ballroom" at the Lyric Theatre...and of course have a flutter on the pokies after the show, seeing the Lyric Theatre is in the Casino!

Time to go...have a bottle of bubbly in my case & my credit card...what else does a girl need?

Until next post...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Been away & another Commissioned Quilt

I drove to Queensland last week for "Nanna duties" and on the way I stopped at the top of Thunderbolts Way to take a picture. 
 This time it was a clear day...most times when I get to the top of the mountain, the "view" is covered in fog.
A couple of days later when I was coming out of Grand Central Shopping Centre I was impressed by this roof top... 
you can imagine the conversation of the artist to his wife:  
"I'm sick of painting on paper & canvas, I think I'll try something the roof!"
 When I came home, there was a quilt waiting to be quilted, so I decided to do it today, as I am going to the Sydney Quilt Show at Glebe Island on Tuesday.
It is now parcelled up ready to post.

Until next post..

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What new swaps are about to start in Blogland?

I have been reading with interest other blogs of swaps they are participating in and I was wondering what is out there for me to join?

I don't know how to find any, only by looking up "Swapdex", but there isn't any upcoming swaps there.

I don't scrapbook or card make, but enjoy swaps of quilting, sewing or upcoming Christmas.
All ideas welcome.. and maybe someone else reading my answers will love to join as well!

Until next post..