Monday, February 27, 2012

My Birthday Bear

It was my birthday yesterday and I received this gorgeous bear from my Daughter, son in law and 2 grand children.  

They went to a "Build a Bear" shop and made my bear.  The grandchildren held a heart shaped object, rubbed it over their heart, eyes, ears and mouth, then put the heart into the bear so the bear would always love me, see me, hear me and speak to me.

The bear has a birth certificate and the grandchildren named it "Nanna Bear".

Then they recorded their voices in the bear, so when I squeeze the paw, it says "Happy Birthday Julie", (from my son in law), "Happy Birthday Mum" and 2 lots of "Happy Birthday Nanna".

It made me cry..

Until next post...



  1. happy birthday!
    what a gorgeous bear and how special to have those voices recorded into the bear...beautiful memories.
    cheers Julz

  2. Happy Birthday Jewells. Your bear sounds so delightful. Even my cynical Mick thought it was a lovely, thoughtful gift to receive.