Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quilting for People.

   Quilting for customers is rewarding ....
and challenging..
One of he problems with this quilt was the last border was about 4" too short, so the owner stretched it as much as possible to fit, but it still was short at one end...
If I stretched it onto the frame it would have torn when the needle hit the tight fabric...

What do other quilters do?
Send it back & tell the customer to fix it?

I can't do that, as I'd say this was a first attempt at patchwork for the customer and EVERYONE is a beginner sometime...  so....
I unpicked the top and bottom borders, 
trimmed it, adjusted a few seams and sewed the borders back on.
Then I have pressed it with a dry iron to ease the seams
 I am about to pin it onto the frame now.
Until next post..


  1. You have done exactly what I would have done Julie - yes we were all beginners once and for me any help in the early days was graciously accepted and learnt from - I am sure the owner will appreciate what you have done for her - especially with an explanation of the why's and what not to do next time!! You have a kind heart and it will only help your business!

  2. That's more than you are expected to do... BUT... it's soooo very nice of you to do it for the owner.
    Fingers crossed mine doesn't need help ?x?

  3. How lovely that you do that.

  4. It was lovely of you to do that for them Julie. Great job. Love the butterfly quilting! toni xx

  5. Julie that is really good of you to do that, that's going above and beyond. I'm sure the customer will really appreciate it.