Monday, June 15, 2015

More donated Quilts given to Flood Victims

I have today donated 2 more quilts to lovely ladies.
This lady lived in one of the aged units, and had
lived there for over 30 years. She was saved by a young man with a
wheelly bin (garbage bin).. by the time he got to her, she was standing
on the front verandah railings, holding onto the guttering of the
roof, with the water swirling around her neck... much longer and she would have been drowned, as she can't
swim... she held onto the bin, while he swam her out of danger.

She has lost everything and is now living with her sister here in town.
As you can see by the photo, (on her arm) she has dialysis (3 times a
week)... so does her sister.

She is one of the people who finds it hard to accept charity and was
overwhelmed with the quilt...and gently mentioned that others were worse
off than her and I should give such a lovely quilt to someone more
deserving. I told her that I had chosen her and would be honored if
she would accept it, as I knew the 2 lovely ladies who made it. She
cried and cuddled it.
Unfortunately, I don't know much about the above lady, but at the moment, she is living with her Mum, also in Dungog (ain't that something!, it is usually the other way around) and kept saying that she had NEVER expected to accept charity in her life, but now (in her words)..."well it is a different matter".

I have been very  humbled by every one's generosity in donating these quilts to give to those who were BADLY affected in the recent Dungog Floods.  I have met fellow Dungog people whom I have not had the privilege of meeting before.  THANK YOU AGAIN.

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  1. Julie really wonderful thing you are doing.

  2. So nice of you to give those folks a little comfort with a quilt.

  3. It is so nice that you can bring some cheer to these ladies.

  4. It's a wonderful project by you too Julie... so we THANK YOU for your generosity!
    People were in need~ so you came to their rescue in a way that's personal. xox

  5. Lovely to read and see the photos....nice to see some happy come from disaster.

  6. Beautiful to see some happiness spread out there and the fact that they can wrap themselves up in that happiness is truly special.....Love your work Julie xxx

  7. Oh how special it that photo............this is a wonderful project to be involved with.........