Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cot Quilts-Quilted & Knitted- by ME!

As I still have hundreds lots and lots of metres of a pretty floral cotton fabric, (even though I have made a doona cover, pillow cases, single bed quilt with the floral hearts), I decided to make a couple of cot quilts to sell at my stall in July at Dungog's Quiltarama with it as the backing.
 I used a white fabric for the top and quilted with mauve thread on the top and white on the back.
             I suppose it could be used as a lap quilt for an older person as the pattern is "Daisies"             
 The next quilt I made was with a baby pink thread.
The pattern is "Baby Girl"
Definitely for a baby girl.
I took a break from knitting the "usual" dishcloths and knitted up these nursery squares. I knitted 8 different patterns in both colours using 100% cotton from Canada. (It's SO soft).
It is a BIG shame that the pattern doesn't show up in the variegated cotton, like it does in the plain colour. I thought that being mainly white, it would show, but alas, I was mistaken.
I am now knitting cloths with a heart within a heart..this time I am knitting the same blue as above, and a plain cream.  I am hoping to make 25 of them and make another blanket.

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