Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Garden & Garage Sale

Our Bird of Paradise bush is in full bloom at the moment.  It always puts on a wonderful show.

A few weekends ago, while out looking at garage sales I came across this wonderful Venetian Bowl, at a price I couldn't refuse..it is very large and very heavy.
Plus I bought this from the same lady.. another Venetian piece, this time a vase...
Apparently, the name of this piece is called a "Slag Vase", as it is made up of the left over glass of the day (called "Slag"), all put together and made up into something, and this lot was made into a large vase.
Still not sure if I like it...might sell it on eBay.

Until next post....


  1. Love the Bird of Paradvise....beautiful flower.

    I think the Slag vase is lovely.

  2. Just goes to show that crafters always find a way to use use up uglies and left overs in order to make something pretty. If you don't learn to love it, I'm sure someone will.

  3. What great finds. I love the purple one, as I have a couple similar.