Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dinosaur Pyjamas

I bought some "Ninja Turtle" fleecy fabric online a couple of weeks ago, and only realised when I was cutting it out, it was in fact, "Dinosaur" fabric.
Goes to show, I didn't have a very good look at it when buying it!..  I saw green, red & blue...all Ninja Turtle colours..... I must have had a senior moment.
So, on Tuesday, as I was up to date with customer quilting, I cut out 9 pairs of pyjamas.
2 each of size 2, 4 & 6 and 3 pairs of size 8. 
I used the Ninja Turtle  Dinosaur fabric for the tops and cut bottle green fabric for the pants.
 Then on Wednesday, Mum and I went to Maitland (closest Cinema) to see "Tomorrowland".
It was OK, (wouldn't watch it again) but the class of kids sitting the row behind us was rather noisy, so it put a damper on the show.  Found out after the show that they were a class of "special" kids, and 2 of the girls were taken home half way through the movie.

Then today (Thursday), after being in town for Mum's hair appointment, I started sewing the pyjamas.
I managed to get a couple of pairs made, but then I got in and made a batch of Lemon Curd (Butter) and also a chocolate lolly log I saw on the Internet... it has to sit in the fridge for 5 hours before we can cut it... it has Maltesers, Marshmallows, crushed Marie biscuits, condensed milk plus other yummy ingredients in it...can't wait to try it!

Until next post...


  1. Hi Julie,wow you sure have been busy,those PJs will be so cosy warm and very trendy with dinosaurs on for the boys .xx

  2. Ninja's?? Dinosaurs?? who cares... the PJ's look GREAT!

  3. LOL can see why you thought it was Ninjas.. LOL. Kids will love their PJs.
    Sorry you didn't enjoy your movie with mum.
    Oh my that chocolate log sounds sewwwwww delicious.

  4. Those PJs will keep you busy for a while. They should go dozen a treat.