Saturday, May 30, 2015

Look what 2 Jelly Rolls can make!

Another quilt that both Mum and I put together.
As usual, I cut, iron & place and Mum sews and sews, then I quilt & bind.

It was a Jelly Roll that I have had for a few years in my stash.
  I actually had 2 of these rolls, but I made 2 chef's hats & decorated an apron for my daughter & granddaughter with the other roll when I first got them. 
 I had to get Mum to show them off before I posted them away.
Until next post...


  1. Hey great model..............hi from Googy, Kate and Chooky.........

  2. Look at that gorgeous lady - pink suits her!! Love tha aprons and hats - jazzy chefs attire!! Jobs well done Julie!

  3. What a smoking hot model you have there it xx

  4. Bless your mum what a sweetheart - cute quilt too.

  5. What a lovely quilt. Your Mum makes a great model. She may not want to part with her sewing outfit

  6. Lovely.....what a joy to see your Mum looking so well.

  7. THE perfect model I'd say!
    Lovely job and congrats to the two of you! xox