Sunday, June 21, 2015

What I bought & a freebie!

This is only a few of the items I bought while at the craft show in Sydney this week.
From my favourite store "Kids Quilts" from New Zealand I bought this kit.  I ALWAYS buy something from them every year.

I also signed up for this cute block of the month with Kids Quilts.  It will start in August.  They design their own fabric too, so all the fabric & pattern is theirs.
I then saw this die cut of a car... it too is cute and I am crossing my fingers that it will work in my die cutting machine.
Now the piece of resistance!  I walked past this stall a few times that was selling embroidery machines.  On one of the machines they were sewing a Minnie Mouse, and beside the machine was an already sewn sample of Mickey Mouse.

They had Mickey & Minnie on the wall, already sewn together, advertising what their machines could do.

I was talking to the lady and by our conversation, she knew I wasn't a buyer, but in my mind I was trying to work out how I could ask if I could BUY the Mickey Mouse.  She must have read my face, because next thing I knew, she asked if I wanted Mickey and shoved it into my bag while no other customers were looking.

I couldn't stop thanking her.
Of course, even though my stash is quite extensive, I didn't have any Mickey Mouse fabric to go with it, so I quickly found fabric at the Show to go with it.  (as one does!)
 I will use Mickey as a centre feature (he is 12.5inches tall!), frame it with red plain fabric and go from there.

I also received a pattern valued at $12 from another stall for free, as after I spent a fortune bit of money with the stall, I was about to leave when I saw another pattern I just had to have...I went to pull out the money and they popped it into the bag and said "don't worry about it".

It was a VERY good day!

Until next post...


  1. Wow Jewells, they are some fab Freebies you got, woo hoo! Looks like you had a wonderful day out, I love Kids Quilts too, their designs are so fun & achieveable

  2. Love the pattern you bought and the BOM looks like fun. Do hope the car cut out worked..
    Gorgeous Mickey and great fabric to match it.
    Nice to get a freebie too.

  3. How lovely to get a freebie!! Well done! The pattern you bought is great too as is the block of the month. Mickey is great...looking forward to seeing what you do with him!!