Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baby Quilt & Knee Rug

While I was quilting on "Mary" (my Gammill Quilting Machine), I decided to tidy a shelf in my sewing room and came across this panel that says "Why God made Little Girls"... so I trimmed it up, found 2 fabrics that complimented the panel, and made a cot quilt out of it, while Mary was working away (I like to stay near the machine as it is quilting, "just in case"!).
So after the other quilt came off the machine, I quilted the cot quilt (35" x 46") then bound it.
 I also came across a piece of polar fleece that I know I didn't buy.  My daughter must have picked it up at a Thrift shop.  I can't remember getting it, and it is quite obvious I was horrified in receiving it, as it was tucked away in the back of the top shelf.

Why was I horrified? you may ask. Well the subject matter is CATS, and lots of them, ALL over the fabric...

and for those who know me well......STOP LAUGHING!
 and for those who don't know me that well, the reason is....
 I hate, dislike, can't handle.. well let's just say I am a DOG lover, not a cat lover.
As I hate waste and I am always wanting something different to sell at my stall in June, I decided to use the fleecy as the backing, add wadding and also put a plain fleck cream cotton on top.... then find a cat pattern in the Gammill stitch library and sew....
 I added the binding and whalla!... a Cat Lover's Quilt"... knee rug size (37" x 54").
I will be selling it for $30... to make sure it doesn't stay with me! 

Today, I have finished binding 2 large quilts, but it is too wet outside to take any photos.

Until next post...

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