Saturday, April 12, 2014

Days 4, 5 & 6

Day 4.. I took J & D on a train ride to Maitland for lunch and toy shopping.. at one stage we were heading towards "Lifeline" (a second hand shop) and J said to me "don't even think about it!"...
Day 5 was a picnic in the park .. J & D worked up a hunger on the play equipment..
 J stopped for a moment, so I could grab this shot.

Day 6 saw us going to a Fun Park called Dizzyland... total rip off at $70 to get in the gate ...
$25 each child for unlimited rides, plus $20 for 6 tokens to play on the Clowns.
All the rides are very old and really need sprucing up and cleaning..
J & D loved it there..
and D thought the Merry go Round was a bit slow after the thrill of some of the other rides.

"No adults" were allowed to sit on the horses on the Merry go Round.. I said Mary Poppins rode on one, and another parent next to me burst into laughter and said that Mary Poppins was a lot thinner than most of us now a days.. had to laugh with her as I saw the funny side ... I could have been offended as I carry more weight than I should... but hey!..she was correct!

 J & D are (hopefully) having a great time.. they are full of beans....
Me?... my get up and go has got up and left...loving it, but totally exhausted..
...6 days to go...but who's counting?

Until next post..

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