Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 7

We started the day with baking.. we made patty cakes & chocolate biscuits with icing.. of course they had to lick the beaters!

It was "Steamfest" in Maitland this weekend, and a steam train came to Dungog, picked up passengers and took them to nearby Stroud Road and back.  As we live next to the train line, we rode the quad bikes to the fence and watched a steam train go past.. We all waved and the driver tooted as he passed by... J tooted back from my quad bike.
After lunch I cut out 2 pairs of fleecy pyjamas for D and 2 pairs of fleecy pyjamas for J, plus 2 nighties for J.  I hope to get them made before they go home on Friday, so I can pack them in their bag to go postage!

Until next post...

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  1. Perfect way to start the day.....great view if the train....Lot of new jarmies at your place....