Sunday, January 30, 2011

I've been busy..Honest..I HAVE!!

I decided to get out ALL my scrap pieces of fabric, and all those 5" square fabric pieces from those 5" fabric clubs we all joined years ago (I can see you nodding your heads).. and I cut them up into different sizes and bagged them to make 3 different quilts.

The first quilt I started was a quilt with strips of 2.5 x 5" rectangles all joined together... I made 8 strips of 36 rectangles. Now I have to cut white fabric strips 3.5" wide by the length of the strips and join them together:

I have also been cutting up the waffle type cotton fabric to make tea towels for the Jewells 2011 Easter Swap and getting out the fabric to decorate the tea towels with:

...and I have been busy knitting wash cloths. One is to go with a matching tea towel:

I am still taking names for the Jewells 2011 Easter Swap, so don't be shy...jump in and register by leaving a to bloggers AND people who don't have blogs (contact me by email with your email address).

Until next post...


  1. You certainly are organised for the swap. I'm 1/2 way there... but still plenty of time left to create.. so I'll be ready.

  2. I believe you! I've made a start on my swap project and have just posted a sneek peek. Yours looks great. Now I just have to do the tea towel. That will be fun.

  3. Hi Jewells i would love to join in your easter swap if you will have me.
    cheers Sheryl

  4. Oh Julie i did the same as Cheryll and put details and button of swap on my page.