Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal Auction

As I sit here in my dry home on dry land, I am watching and listening with horror of the devastation that is happening, due to flooding,to Queensland and now the northern part of my state NSW.
My daughter, son in law (SIL), and 2 small grandchildren live in Toowoomba where the giant 8 metre tsunami wave hit without warning. Luckily my daughter and grandchildren where home in a higher part of the city, but my SIL, who is a tow truck driver was actually on a call out, assisting a lady who's car had stalled in the CBD (Central Business District), when it struck. He managed to keep out of harms way and was sending photos via iPhone to my daughter and me long before it made the national news. Thankfully, after many hours, he arrived home safely.
The trouble now is lack of food, fuel and staples of life as the shops and supermarkets are all empty, due to panic buying.

Anyhow, with saying that, I am happy to join Make it Perfect's Toni's QLD Flood Appeal Auctions, I am auctioning a set of my HERB SPOON MARKERS, and ALL the money will go towards the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.

Ok. This is how it works:

1. Bidding starts now, with the starting price of AU$10. You are
bidding for the set of 5 Herb Spoon Markers They aren't being
auctioned separately.
2. You can place a bid by leaving a comment on this blog post.
Please include your email address! Please make sure that
your bid is higher than the previous bidder.
3. Your bid must be in full dollar increments... no cents please.
4. The auction is open to everyone.
5. Postage is FREE for Australian and overseas residents.
6. The auction will end at Midnight on Monday, 24th January 2011.
(Australian Eastern Standard Daylight Time).
7. At the close of the auction I will contact the winner (please
make sure that your bid comment includes your email
address). The winner will pay the winning amount
DIRECTLY into the Premier's Flood Relief Appeal Fund.
Once you have donated the amount to the Relief Fund please
send me a copy of the receipt and receipt number (for proof of
donation) via email. Once proof of payment has been received
I will post the set of Herb Spoon Markers to you.
8. Thank you for participating and happy bidding!

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  1. Love you Mum xox

    It may not mean much, But people like you that do things like this means so much to people up here..
    We are lucky we still have our home, belongings, memories and family.

    AND, We are lucky to have you :)

  2. Fantastic Julie, I'll start the bidding at $10 - I love your spoons! toni xxx
    ps. Gina's comment brought tears to my eyes!

  3. I'll bid $15! I love your spoons, thankyou so much for doing this for us!
    Hugs, Amanda from a flooded Rockhampton.
    hickups88 at hotmail dot com

  4. Hi love the idea i would love to bid $20 dollars.

  5. This is such a great item for auction Jewells... You truely are a generous soul holding such a sweet auction for those effected by the floods...

    Hugs - Jodie :)