Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Easter Swap

I know it is only the New Year, but I thought I would call for interest in an Easter swap (open to all countries) and that way we can leisurely make or buy the items and post them all in good time, without a last minute rush.

Here is how the swap will work:

You are to send the following 4 items to your partner who will NOT be the same person who sends to you:

1) Craft Magazine
2) Easter themed Tea-Towel (made or bought)
3) Chocolate/Candy
4) Easter themed Wash Cloth (made or bought)

All parcels are to be posted on or before 7th April in time for Easter (24th April).

Collecting names for this swap will close on 28th February.

Please leave me a comment or email me if you are interested. Open to people who do not have a blog as well as those who do have a blog. Remember to leave me an email address if you don't have a blog link, so I can contact you with your partner's details.

PLEASE pass the word about this swap, the more, the merrier... you can use my Easter button if you like.

Until next post...

Cheers.... Jewells


  1. You know I am not a crafty person, Mum. But can I be part of this please as this sounds like fun :) Pleaseeeee

  2. I would love to join this!

  3. You love join you in this challenge. Happy New Year to you and your family!
    My blog is

  4. Here I was, saying to myself that I won't join in much early this year, but I like the idea of your swap. It will be fun and quick and easy. I've already been looking for patterns ready to make a start. I see if I can spread the word.

  5. Read about your swap on Janices blog and it does sound like fun and easy to participate in.
    I'm in thanks Jewells.

  6. I'd love to join your swap. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  7. This sounds like fun, I'd love to join in Jewells!!!

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  8. I'll be in it too.... so please put my name on your list.I'll add the bunny to my sidebar and blog about it to help spread the word! :)

  9. id like to be in too! sounds great fun

  10. love the idea!I want to play along.

  11. Yes this sounds lovely and as any country can join in it is cool because I love receiving goodies from other parts of the world!! Love from sunnny South Africa

  12. I would love to join. My email address is

  13. hop hop hop. iwould so like to join this swap

  14. Hi,
    I would love to join this swap!

  15. I think my comment didn't post a few weeks ago. Therefore I haven't heard from you and I was beginning to wonder. I would love to join your swap if it is not too late. I had even blogged about! Found you via Cheryll. let me know if I can still join.