Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a mess!

With the temperature of 43C outside, I decided to lock myself inside with my airconditioning and make up another batch of fig jam from my over burdened tree.

BIG MISTAKE!... I have NEVER EVER EVER had jam play up and make such a mess... it just "blopped" and "blopped" from the start to the end, and I am talking a FEW hours... I nearly threw the lot in the bin as it was going everywhere and I was getting VERY upset and extremely annoyed. I did have to throw one lot out as I divided it into a few pans and one pan just burnt the bottom straight away.

All over the stove:

all over the wall and cupboard:

reaching the top of the 10foot walls and even hitting the ceiling:

and all over ME!... (I even have some in my hair):

...all for this:

A friend told me that you shouldn't bake cakes on a hot day, maybe it is the same for jam.

I have just spent 2 hours washing down the kitchen, and now I am going for a shower and a change of clothes... so much for sewing is now 4.30pm!

Until next post...



  1. Ohh nooo Jewells what a mess you poor thing i dont have much luck with jam either,i have decided it's cheaper for me to buy jars of jam,lol
    cheers Sheryl

  2. HEHEHEHE..So glad I am not there ;) I would of had a fit at all that mess..
    Think you should give up on the cooking and do what you do best, SEW!!!! ;) ;)

  3. Oh No What a mess. I know there was a reason i don't like to cook.

  4. OMG! What a mess. Did it clean up ok? I hope it didn't burn you.

  5. But does the jam taste good, as its so worth it if it does, in the cold of winter when you have this on hot toast you can smile and remember this day.