Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sewing at Last!

I have been at my boyfriend's place for the weekend and I took my sewing machine, tool box full of my sewing "must haves" and a bag with my cut out pieces of fabric... BF (boyfriend) wondered if I was there for longer than 2 nights!
My BF is a dairy farmer and while he was milking the cows on Saturday afternoon, I sat down to the sewing machine and sewed part of my Easter gift to my grandson. 2 pairs of pyjamas.

My grandson is just over 1 year old and is lactose intolerant, therefore can't eat Easter eggs, so in keeping with my idea of giving hand made gifts, and knowing my daughter is horrified with that idea, I thought I would try to make something he needs and she would appreciate.

I bought this fabric in an op-shop (it stank, sorry, it smelt of moth balls, so I washed it and washed it and washed it, lastly with dethol in the water to get rid of the smell), anyway I didn't realise, even though it is fleecy one side, the other side is shiny like satin... so after I made them I ironed the transfers on them to take the shiny look off it a tad.... did it work???...nah..who an I kidding???... ah well, he won't be out in the public eye in them.

Until nest post.

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