Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Frangipani's are a blooming

This frangipani was already growing strongly when I bought my home. It is situated on a corner of my house and it has to be heavily pruned every couple of years as it keeps fighting with the eaves of the house. This is the normal white with yellow variety that is well known, and well photographed.

For a person who doesn't lift a finger in the garden, these plants just keep on growing, like this "fruit salad" frangipani. I bought this a few years ago. Last year it produced one clump of flowers and plenty of leaves, but this year it is covered in flowers as well as leaves.

Tonight, I have reduced a blouse from a large size to a medium size. I bought the blouse in an op-shop as I really liked it, but it was too large for me, so I decided to re size it.... I mean to say, it cost me a whole $2 at the op-shop, and I didn't want to be wasteful! I also sewed 2 pot holders with 2 layers of pure wool onkaperinga blankets as the wadding... now I must do the ironing....sigh!

Until next post..



  1. Do they smell as pretty as they look?

  2. Ah yes they do!, especially the white & yellow one...Jewells

  3. Wow, now they sure are some gorgeous flowers Jewels!!! I can smell them from here..;)

    Jodie :)

  4. Jewells
    Received the jumper in the mail (sorry a couple of days ago hasn't been working and still isn't!). It's gorgeous - what a great colour!

  5. the flowers are just beautiful....wish I was there....thanks for sharing!!

  6. Your frangipani's are beautiful, we've just planted a pink one (to go with the already established white one). My grandmother had frangipani flower chains for her wedding bouquet, imagine how it must have smelt! toni xxx