Sunday, March 14, 2010

More wash cloths

I recently celebrated a birthday, and one of the gifts I received from a couple of American friends (along with other craft books) was this knitted wash cloth book, called "Baby Washcloths to Knit". I received the parcel on Friday and I have already knitted 2 of the cloths from it.
They are a rabbit and a duck.. it hasn't photographed too well, but if you click on the photo it becomes bigger and easier to see.

I received another book at Christmas time and have already knitted every cloth out of it.
I intend to make a set of a "wash cloth, tea towel and pot holder" with these...that is a duck set and a bunny set.... was even thinking I might make up these "sets" to sell, so I can buy more cotton and fabric to make more... as I really enjoy making them.

I have used 2 strands (knitted together) of Bendigo 8ply cotton on 4.5mm needles to make these cloths. That sounds very thick, but that equals the 4ply worsted American yarn that the book mentions to use. I found the Bendigo cotton knits up VERY soft and nice.

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  1. Love your washcloths, and belated happy birthday. Sorry for missing it. I love the Bendigo cottons too, they are lovely and soft, and I like how they come in big 200g balls.