Friday, March 5, 2010

Bargain Shopping plus a Funny Thing at Work

Look what I bought today from our local op-shop (charity shop)... all 100% cotton and now washed and on the line drying.
The first was a bargain at $2 for 4 metres! I had to buy it for "maybe" a backing for a quilt (that I haven't even started yet) for my Grandson. Wouldn't you have done the same?... hey fabric doesn't go off!

The second lot was marked at $1 for the lot, again all 100% cotton. I just "love" favourite colour.

Now, the funny thing at work... I work with all men, I am the only female there (I am the secretary), anyways, I just read an email that made me laugh and one of the men wanted to know what was so funny. It just happened to be morning tea time, so everyone was sitting down in the chairs, while I was nearby in my open office... so I read out that "an average man's "willie" is 3 times the size of his thumb"...deadly silence... so I took a look over at the circle of men, and they were all looking down at their extended thumbs, and the expressions on their faces told many stories.. and DAMN! I didn't have my camera!

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  1. They'll think twice before asking what made you laugh in future! ROTF