Sunday, March 14, 2010

Garage Sale Bargains!

Look what I found this weekend while going around the garage sales on Saturday morning!
My SIL is a tow truck driver and I just thought this Tonka tow truck would be so apt for my 16 month old grandson...$5

My 5 year old granddaughter is madly in love with Barbie at the moment, so when this Barbie aeroplane was wanting a new home, I just had to buy it...$8

Then I saw this new idea in books and get to read a story on the left page, while you put together a jig-saw puzzles on the right page. There are 6 puzzles in this book...just love the idea, and so does my granddaughter, as I have bought a few of these books for her already....0.50cents

So, as you can see, I bought all 3 items for under $14!
Now I have to work out how to get them into my luggage, along with other treats, (let alone my clothes) and onto the plane when I fly up to my daughter's place in a couple of weeks time.

Until next post.

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