Friday, July 24, 2015

Not happy Jan!

NOT HAPPY JAN!  (Australian's know this saying!)

After spending a lot of money on the wool and many many many many many (got the idea?) hours knitting it (it sat at my lounge chair for over a year waiting for me to "pick up the stitches" on the already knitted fronts to knit the lacy bits (I LOATHE picking up stitches!)... I eventually finished it last night..only to find that it is to small for my buxom body...SOB!!

...Mum on the other hand is over the moon, as she is now the proud owner of it.

Until next post..


  1. Oh no! That is why I am sticking to scarves!

  2. Oh that is disappointing after so much work...but no doubt your Mum will be very happy and proud to wear it!

  3. Oh dear....Bet your mum looks amazing in it.
    Are you sure if you suck it in a little more you couldn't get yourself into it.

  4. Oh dear! That 's the worst thing about making garments. I knitted a cardy a couple of years ago and it was too big. Fortunately it was an easier knit than yours. I must rip it out one day and start again.