Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More quilts made this year

 Still getting ready for the sale and realised these had not been photographed.
All these quiltd have been made this year by both Mum and me.
This horse quilt is Single Bed Size.  I bought the 2 panels at the Sydney craft show LAST year, then added to it from my stash.  I cut, Mum sewed, then I quilted & bound it.
 "Who Let the Dogs Out?" was fabric I bought years and years ago, again at the Sydney quilt show.  I bought the fabric to make cute outfits for my grand children...well that never happened, so I copied a pattern that was on a quilt I quilted for a customer, enlarged it (Queen Size Quilt)  and "I" actually made the whole quilt, while Mum made....
..this one.  I cut and Mum sewed.  The hearts are a fun and easy block to make.  I have yards and yards and yards of this fabric, so the backing is the same fabric as the hearts.  This is also a Queen Sized Quilt.
After making a couple of cot quilts with white fabric and coloured thread thread stitching, I made this King Sized Quilt. 
I backed it with the same fabric as Mum used in her Heart quilt (told you I had yards and yards of this fabric...and still do!)  

Until next post...


  1. Boy your mum again, I'm just going to come up and nick her. The quilts are beautiful and I know you will do really well at your stall.

  2. You and mum make a great team.

  3. Hope all goes well at the stall. Xxx