Thursday, July 2, 2015


.............these words came from Mum yesterday.

What I was thinking of doing, was join the Jolly Jabber Quilt-a-long "Snapshots" block of the month, but using my own stash.  I thought I would try the first block before committing to it, then if I liked it, I would pay the fee of a donation to the charity they have mentioned.

So, I pulled out what I thought were suitable fabrics, cut them out and got Mum to piece it together while I continued quilting a customer's quilt.

When it was together, I realised the "icing" wasn't dark enough and the colours all just blended into each other and the "cream" background was in fact "white".

I screwed it up, threw it into the bin, only to find my Mum right beside me snatching it back out of the bin with those first 3 words that brought me back to childhood "Don't you dare....!"

Feeling like a scorned child, I ironed it, quilted it, bound it and then presented to my Mum, so she could do whatever she wants to do with it.
She smiled, said "Thank You" and it disappeared with her into her bedroom.

Until next post...


  1. Go Mum I say............."OH JULIE"

  2. Julie you didn't roll that into a ball and throw it on the floor did you? Lucky your mum was there and I bet it has pride of place in her room.

  3. Lucky Mum was ther. I am sure she'll love it...

  4. Now I know where the words...oh Julie...
    Too cute to throw away! Well done mum...

  5. What a great story. I'm glad you finished it off.