Friday, July 3, 2015

House bound

One loaded lemon tree now empty, one box of Asprin now empty and one bottle of "real" honey now half empty equals one mother of a cold I am trying to get over. 
 I have not left the house for 9 days and still not planning of leaving for a few more days. 
 I can't take "Cold Tablets" as I am on Blood Pressure tablets and if you are on them, you aren't allowed to take the others.  The only Chemist pill I can take is "Clarentine", which is one tablet a day for 10 consecutive days... hence along with Clarentine tablets,  I resort to old fashion remedies.
So, seeing I am house bound and can't lay about as that makes me cough more & blocks my nose... I have been spending a lot of time in my sewing room during daylight hours. 

This is the second kit I found the other day that I had forgotten about.

I bought it at the same place and time as this one.  If I hadn't seen it made, I would never have bought a kit in these colours for a Christmas Runner!
I am undecided on whether to sell it, keep it or give it away in a swap at Christmas time!

This is the backing fabric. 
I also quilted a quilt today, but have to get it photographed before I can show you.

Until next post...


  1. Hope you feel better ASAP Julie.
    Sometimes old remedies are the best in the end! 😤

  2. yes i agree with Chez,hope you feel better soon xx

  3. get better soon...........everyones colds seem to be hanging on this season........