Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sydney's Quilt Show

Mum and I travelled to Sydney for our "annual pilgrimage" to the Craft & Quilt Fair.
This year, due to the normal venue being completely demolished and  in the process of being rebuilt, it was held at "Glebe Island".
So, the best 2 ways to get there (both ways were free) was by ferry...
or bus...
then you walked a short distance to the building...
We travelled by ferry on the 2 days we went.
Mum and I at the Show's Christmas Demonstration Section

We shopped the first day and went to classes the second day (and shopped a bit more).

We had purchased 3 day tickets before going, but decided that we had seen and bought everything in 2 days, so I gave 2 strangers (one was pushing a stroller with a small infant) boarding the "quilt show ferry" the next day our pre-paid tickets.
As they were rushing to get on the ferry (they were the last 2 to get on), they didn't have time to thank me as I quickly gave them the tickets for free... they probably thought I was joking!

I thought to myself... that is what "pay it forward" means... I felt good about it.

Until next post..


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a good time.....

  2. Hi Julie i love your post and your kind deed was very special,so glad you had a lovely time.xx

  3. shame we missed catching up with each other...........glad you had a great time............i did too..........