Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Movie & An Appointment

As I had an appointment in Maitland (40 mins away) at lunchtime, Mum and I went to see "Mrs Brown D'Movie" this morning at Maitland.  Wasn't all laughs, but a funny movie to watch.

Then I had to go to my appointment...the Dentist!!!... you see, I have had a sore tooth for nearly 2 weeks and this was the first available "emergency" appointment they had.

I am a coward, as far as Dentists go... my knuckles turn white holding the arm rests of the chair, my eyes are shut with tears just pouring out of the corners and when I get up at the end, the chair has a  sopping wet print of my body on it.... I am petrified of them.... turning up is a mammoth thing for me....

I get to the office on time...only to be told that they have been trying to contact me, as the Dentist was off sick today..... bl**dy wonderful!... (my mobile was turned off during the movie). I have go through all the apprehension & wait for a call first thing tomorrow morning to see if I go in again tomorrow or next week!

Until next post...