Wednesday, July 23, 2014

More Quilts ...I'm on a roll!

 Another new client dropped off 3 quilts (all 45" square) on Sunday.  Two had a lofty wadding and the third had a cotton wadding.  They were for 3 of her grand sons.
The first one I stitched "Colt Horseshoes & Stars"...
...the second I stitched "Meandering Apples"....
...and the third was stitched "Japanese Leaves"
I phoned the lady at 4pm to say that I had finished them, and she must have broke all speed records getting here to pick them up.

Tomorrow (Thursday) I am going to see "Mrs Brown D'Movie" (happy face) then following that I am going to the dentist, as I am having a problem with one of my back teeth (scared, sad face).

Until next post...

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