Friday, January 10, 2014

Quilt Finished

I bought this Santa quilt kit when I was in the States in October of last year.
 ("last" year... a few days ago, it would have said "this" year)
I fell in love with it when I saw the sample hanging up in one of the quilt shops I visited, while I was there.
It is a panel to the thin white border, then I had to add the other borders, making it into a 56" x 64" quilt.  
It came together very quickly.  I loved making it.
 I had the ideal fabric for the backing in my stash.  It is the red cardinals on the green holly.  I have tons a lot of red cardinal fabric as I just love that bird.  I first saw a real live red cardinal while visiting friends in Wisconsin one Christmas a few years ago.  They had a bird feeder hanging on their back porch.  Many birds came to feed there, as it was snowing very heavily, and the feeder was a haven for them.
  The male cardinal is red and the female is grey.
 The pattern I used for the quilting was a "Poinsettia" flower.  (excuse the piece of thread on the centre of the flower..didn't see it before I took the isn't there wasn't attached).
The poinsettia stitch I used matched the outside border.

I have also been sewing bindings onto table runners and will photograph them and show you when I have finished.

Until next post...

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