Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 Over the last couple of days I have been both busy in the kitchen and the sewing room.
Today I am showing you the "kitchen" items.

The above photo shows 2 bottles of "Curried Ketchup" ... so easy and quick to make.
The other bottles are "Lemon Cordial", again very easy to make... and SOOO nice.
...and now my fig tree is over producing again and I have made up a few batches of "Fig Jam" and I have another batch to make up this afternoon... jam takes a LOT longer to make, but worth the effort.

I have more lemons to do something with, so I will be making "Lemon Curd/Butter" from them... nice & rich with 8 eggs & 375gms of butter in it.  I will be taking my jam & Lemon Curd to Bingo with me to sell next Monday, as the ladies keep asking for it.... thank goodness for that, as when I retired from work just on a year ago, that way of selling (on the front counter) stopped and I had to find another way to sell my jams.

Until next post...


  1. Our grapes and figs are shared with the birds and flying foxes - they are searching so hard for food in this dry weather - and there are still plenty for eating fresh and making jam. One favourite is Fig and Ginger Jam.
    Yummmmm Jan

  2. I think somebody may be bringing in some lemons to work today.....sure hope so as our lemon tree struggles to produce fruit here and I need some more lemon butter!!

  3. Both look really good and I love lemon curd. Maybe when I retire?